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Making Zen Online Retreat

Monday 18 October 2021: This is the week to join into the free retreat organised by Kate Ward – Making Zen Online Retreat.

Kate Ward discussed the free Making Zen Online Retreat

Making Zen Online Retreat begins on 18 October 2021 for 5 days and the free presentations are available until Sunday 24th October 2021.

This is an online retreat for hand stitchers who wish to take their creativity to the next level. Making Zen is a wholistic approach to inspire, learn new techniques whilst nurturing your well being. Empowering you to CREATE a life you love.

This is Kate’s sixth podcast and this time it’s to encourage you to try a new technique with all the amazing speakers – Zac Foster, Meridith Woolnough, Sarah Woodyard, Sky Pennant, Liz Hayward, Maria Theoharous, Evelyn Bourne, Andrea Tsang Jackson, Raina McDonald,  Heidi Iverson, Emma Freeman, John MacPhail, Vaina Soucy, Amy Maricle, Kaila Givehand and Kate Ward. Here’s a link to their bios and presentations.

Live discussions with each speaker take place on the day their presentation is released. Three presentations will be released every day.

Thanks from Kate Ward

Hey there,

Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you for making the Online Retreat so incredible. I’m still basking in the afterglow of the retreat and wanted to share a note of gratitude to everyone who made the Making Zen Online Retreat such an enjoyable and inspiring event. It was a creative retreat of the very best kind!

First, a big thank you to the fabulous artists who invited us into their studios and so generously shared their passions and unique approaches to creativity. They have filled us to the brim with creative ideas and inspiration!

Next, a huge thank you to YOU! You made putting together the online retreat so worth it! Thank you so much for sharing in the fun and joy of creative exploration and sharing your projects with us in the Facebook group or Instagram.  Thank you for your enthusiasm and excitement. Thank you for elevating the collective experience through your contribution (I’m loving seeing all the cross fertilization of ideas learnt last week). Thank you for your emails and kind words of gratitude. Thank you for sharing your takeaways, and how the experience impacted you in big and little ways. 

Friday 23 April 2021: Have you wondered what the effect of decluttering enmass has on thrift stores and op shops?

Kate is back with some repurposing ideas that will give your decluttered clothes another life.

Kate Ward is back to help you come up with repurposing clothes rather than having your clothes end up as landfill when you declutter.

Here are some recycling ideas to inspire you.

Friday 9 April 2021: Kate is back to talk about her Project 333 experience.

Kate has used the Project 333 guidelines to curate her Winter wardrobe.

Kate did her research last year before she assessed her clothes using the Project 333 guidelines. Kate refers to Courtney Carver’s work where Courtney says ‘Simplicity is the way back to love.’ Kate Ward grew up in Australia so to use the Project 333 guidelines on making her Winter wardrobe simple, was brave and very practical. In Australia, we don’t have the same lived experience of living in a country with long and extreme Winters like Canada has.

What ideas do you have to repurpose this jacket?

Since December 2020, Kate has curated her Winter wardrobe and of the 33 items she’s selected the jacket pictured above needs to be repurposed. What are your suggestions for repurposing this jacket? Can you help Kate?

Here’s the pattern Kate used to create her jacket.

Kate discusses some of the learnings she has gained by following the Project 333 guidelines and she’s discovered her style in the process. You’ll need to hope over the Kate’s blog to see how she tackled her wardrobe once you’ve listened to her podcast.

Thanks again to Kate for sharing her Project 333 experience.

Friday 26 March 2021: Kate has researched the detrimental impacts of textile production on the environment to reinforce the benefits each one of us can make to lessen by extending the life of our clothes.

Kate Ward shares her research on the impacts textile production has on our environment and workers

You really should go to Kate’s website and read this research she shared with us for #Mendmarch.

Water resources and pesticides are a big part of growing cotton.

Friday 12 February 2021: This time Kate Ward delves into the research where time spent crafting and stitching has so many benefits for us. This podcasts covers her blog posts 10 reasons why stitching is good for us and 7 more reasons why stitching is good for us.

Kate Ward discusses the many benefits of stitching and crafts
A lovely travel kit from Kate Ward’s website

Friday 29 January 2021: Kate Ward is a multidisciplinary artist, working in jewellery, textiles, ceramics, video and installation. Kate’s work is often minimalist, focusing on form, colour and the interplay of contrasts. Her practice is inspired by the ephemeral, the metaphysical, the symbolic, and the relationship between art, ritual and culture. 

Kate talks about her background and stitching

In this podcast Kate tells us about her arts training and a few reasons why stitching is good for us. There are many more reasons why stitching is good for us.

Kate Ward

Kate has a number of art degrees.

Workshop stitching example

She first obtained a Bachelor of Visual Art from the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia in 1998. Went on to study a Masters in Arts Management and Policy from London University, UK in 2008. A Certificate in IV Ceramics from Goulburn’s TAFE, Australian 2012. And culminating with a  Masters in Fine Arts at the Nova Scotia College for Art and Design, Halifax, Canada in 2016. 

Stitching to encourage calmness

Kate has been the recipient of numerous international scholarships, residencies and exchange programs. Her work has been selected for national and international exhibitions, and won the Fibreart International Guild’s 2001 ‘Outstanding Work by an Emerging Artist’ award, Pittsburgh, USA. Her work is in private collections world wide.

Benefits of stitching is Kate’s specialty

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