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Perfect again

Episode 8, Series 2: Perfect Again is where you go to find a light bra form that suits your personal needs after a mastectomy. These bra forms are just one option to consider when you’ve already endured the medical and personal trauma of breast cancer and want to look like yourself again. You won’t feel weighed down.

Listen to the passion Julie has in this podcast.
Take a look at Perfect Again for more details.

Julie Brand of Perfect Again was in the same situation in 2002, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a mastectomy and an unsuccessful reconstruction which lasted for seven months, she asked her plastic surgeon to remove the breast implant.

Perfect again isn’t just your average bra form. The passion for Julie’s business is reflected in the table banging she does as she speaks. Her business is a personal commitment to her unique customer base to help them begin to feel perfect again. Perfect Again’s Facebook has ongoing information about these breast forms.

“After it came out, I needed a breast form but the only products available at the time were ill fitting, uncomfortable and poorly designed,” Julie says.

As an artist who had ‘always made stuff’ Julie decided to design and make an external breast prosthesis for herself.

“There were none on the market that appealed to me. I intuitively knew that if I wasn’t happy with a weighted breast form, other women wouldn’t be happy either. So my partner Franco, an Italian ship-wright and a man who can make anything, decided we’d get into it and Perfect Again was born!” And now it’s 6 years since they began!

Perfect Again Breast Forms are:
– lightweight
– comfortable. You won’t feel you’re wearing them
– beautiful to wear in gorgeous lingerie
– perfect for watersports and being active again.

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Sewing community help

Episode 7, Series 2: As we’re all coping with staying home for various periods to slow down the spread of COVID-19 as recommended by the medical profession in your country, remember your online sewing friends can lend you a hand if you’re struggling during this time. Amy @makingmarilynemulatingelle, Gillian @sewcialists and Elizabeth @elizabethmadethis have a few tips to keep you feeling positive, and we’re sharing these ideas in this podcast.
This is a sewing community support podcast only.

#isewneedafriend by makingmarilynemulatingelle
Hey Aussie and International sewing peeps. Many people are going to be in quarantine in the next few weeks and months. Some of us will emotionally struggle with being on their own, especially if they are anxious or depressed. So, I’m trying to start #isewneedafriend. I’m going to have this hashtag on notifications. If you are anxious, depressed, or just have cabin fever, do a post with #isewneedafriend. Otherwise send me a message and I will happily chat with you about anything and everything if I am awake. Let’s get through this together sewing peeps!!!! 

#sewstayhome by Gillian of @sewcialists
Looks like a lot of us will be staying home a lot to slow the spread of COVID-19, and we here at @sewcialists are wondering how we can help during this stressful time! 🥰We know that a lot of Sewcialists are anxious and introverted, and that a lot of our community have health concerns that makes them more vulnerable. We are thinking of everyone out there who is facing financial struggles, a lack of child care, and everything else that may come our way! We would love to hear your ideas and suggestions below on how we could give everyone a nice safe spot in their day! 💡 💡 💡 whats a fun project we could start as a community? – Gillian #sewstayhome

Sewing ideas newsletter from Elizabeth of @Elizabethmadethis
1. Batch sew!:  Pick up your favorite pattern and make a few of them.  Here’s some tips to help streamline batch sewing.

2.  Sew with a friend virtually: I know we’re all being advised to stay home if we can, but dang it that’s isolating!  Check in on a sewing friend and have some good talking time while you sew together over a video chat.  It’ll help both of you, plus you’ll get some stuff done!

3.  Sew with your kids:  If you do have kids home now for an extended time, you can work on some simple projects together.  You can check out some of these easy sewing projects for some simple ideas that won’t take too long for them or be too complicated.  For something out of the box, you can embroider some of their art work on a favorite t-shirt.  

4.  Sew up your nicest fabric: in uncertain times, maybe reach for your nicest fabric and sew it up into something you’ve been dreaming of.  There’s no time like the present, eh?  I myself am going between eyeing some silk jersey and real leather…

5.  Sew for others: okay, don’t sew for others if you are sick.  But provided you’re healthy, sewing for others can take the edge off your stress.  It’s good for your heart!  Here’s 12 charities that’ll put your sewing skills to good use.

Above all, take care of yourself, keep washing your hands, and know that this too shall pass.  

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Stitchless TV

Episode 6, series 2 brings you Tree of Stitchless TV.

Tree of Stitchless TV has constantly provided YouTube videos to demystify sewing. Any type of sewing is no mystery to Tree and her videos are her way of sharing her curious mind and useful solutions.

You’ll love listening to Tree talk about her passion – sewing!

You’ll kick yourself if you haven’t already accessed Tree’s many sewing videos. She makes sewing that much easier and isn’t that what the online sewing community is about?
You’ll hear the fire inside her that keeps her video development an ongoing resource for us all.

Listen to the story behind the Pontoon dress

Tree is so resourceful you’ll have hop into her Instagram account. I did mention Tree’s YouTube account but did you know Tree has an Etsy store. She also has a very active Facebook account where you can see what Tree’s up to.

Juud is her biggest fan. You’ll hear about their meeting in real life!

Tree also mentions her New York and Frida Khalo printed fabric shop at FASHION FORMULA 

A big thanks to our podcast sponsor
Style Sew Me patterns.

Take Control of Your Style

Sew stylish and versatile pieces that fit perfectly in your active lifestyle. Their women’s sewing patterns are your canvas to create your uniquely perfect look.

Remember listening to Eryn and Erica last year when they launched the Erica dress? This was an impromptu podcast and you can hear just how collaborative and supportive Eryn is in true life.

Head over to Style Sew Me patterns and have a peek at their pattern range now!

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Maz Lifestyle

Series 2 episode 5: When you live in rural Australia and wouldn’t live anywhere else, you’ll hear how Maz of Maz lifestyle goes about her busy life, battling the elements and finding time to sew. On this podcast you’ll realise why we think Maz is the type of person you’ll want as your neighbour.

Maz is a mum of 4 and a grandmother however she gives her time and energy to her community in Carinda so you’ll hear about they celebrate David Bowie each year at the Carinda pub.

You’ll also hear how her family manage her regular photo taking for her Instagram account.

There are so many funny stories in this podcast but also many stories about how the local community comes together to help their neighbours in times of need.

Maz is a Cossie Confidence ambassador, showing women that you should have fun and embrace who you are now.

Maz and her daughter Lizzie also have an online store Lizzy and me designs selling their handmade clutches, bags and earrings. It’s their way of bringing their outback aesthetic to you. 

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Myra and Nateida spoke to us about their #BHMpatterndesigners this month. Go to Youtube to keep up to date with Nateida and Myra.

3 simple rules

  1. Must tag both @sewnaturaldane and @OneSewSweet and use the hashtag #BHMpatterndesigners in order to have your entry counted
  2. You must use a design by a Black pattern designer from any craft ie sewing, knitting, crotchet or any other craft that you love. Check with Myra at @OneSewSweet or Natieda at @sewnaturaldane
  3. You can only sew and post your item (garment/s, handbag, knitting etc) created from 1 – 29 February 2020. Your entry is due 29 February 2020.

This year has a theme – include details about someone who inspires your style.

Pattern designers include: Bayron HandmadeMontoya MayoStyle Sew MeTabitha SewerShannon MoniqueKama SewtraGG Made ItLeJanaroB patternsHey Brown Berry. During this challenge more designers may be discovered and we’ll list them here.

Don’t forget Tracey ReeseBeaute J’DdoreKhaliah Ali and Sarah Trails.

Fabric companies include: Sew much fabric , Fabric FixAnkara and lace and My Daily Threadz

This challenge is supported by their four Ambassadors (new this year!) @crumpetsteaandsewing@crystalsewsandstuff@islandsewcialist@lejanarobpatterns

A HUGE thank you to 2020 #BHMpatterndesigner sponsors:
@mydailythreadzme@sewnmagazine@bayronhandmade@thanksImadethem@sewmuchfabric@stylesewmepatterns@claire_cochran@laststitch@montoyamayo. ⠀
Use BHM20 for a 20% discount and free shipping from Style Sew Me patterns You can read about Eryn, the design force behind Style Sew Me patterns on Making the Flame.

Go to Youtube to keep up to date with Nateida and Myra. Here’s a link to their kick off video. There’s also a great write up on Making the Flame you should read.

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Julia Bobbin graces Sewn Mag

Episode 15: Julia Bobbin has been sewing obsessed since she first 10 years ago and she’s featured in the December issue of Sewn Magazine.

In this podcast we were able to drag Julia away from her latest sewing project and congratulate her on being featured in Sewn Magazine this month. What a woman. You can read more about Julia on her blog: http://www.juliabobbin.com Find Julia on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/juliabobbin

Yes Julia has a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JuliaBobbinDesign/

Dream stitchers is the group Julia teaches at in Melbourne.

Julia’s 2019 Frocktails outfit.
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Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson

Episode 13: Conversation with Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson. Thank you to the Powerhouse Museum for giving us permission to publish this audience recording at this free event. 1 hour 16 minutes audio time.

Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson: Step Into Paradise is the first in-depth survey that captures the dynamic energy of Linda and Jenny’s creative partnership. It draws on more than four decades of one of the most influential pairings in the history of Australian fashion, examining the influences, inspirations and the compelling stories behind their work.

Honoured as Officers in the Order of Australia for their contributions to Australia’s fashion industry, Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson transformed the nation’s fashion and cultural heritage with their pioneering style inspired by Australia’s cultural and natural landscape, melded with their global influences.

The exhibition begins with their creative partnership in the 1970s at the Flamingo Park Frock Salon at Sydney’s Strand arcade and the sensational Flamingo Follies fashion parades, branching into their distinctive individual careers through to recent years including Jenny’s costume designs for the Sydney Olympic Games and their collaborations with Australian designers Romance Was Born.

Over 150 garments, textiles, photographs and artworks, many unseen, from the Museum’s own extensive collection are brought together with the designers’ personal archives. Highlight pieces on display include artwork from the pair and archival behind the scenes photographs, Jenny Kee’s black opal Chanel suit from Karl Lagerfeld’s first collection in 1983 and Linda Jackson’s iconic Waratah dress.