Duane @mainelymenswear

Tuesday 14 February 2023: Duane tells us the story about why he’s currently at The Tailoring Academy in the UK right now.

The Tailoring Academy course Duane is working through started in September 2022 and is 10 months in total. As he says, they started with only a few body measurements.

Many people who have been following Duane for years will remember his kilt sewing work. He called this fabulous tartan – Loud McLeod.

In this episode Duane mentions a few of his sewing friends in particular Kyle and SewAndrew.

Duane discusses what the Tailoring Academy is doing to cater for international students. You’ll hear how much Duane is loving this very intense live in academy experience.

The next episode on 21 February 2023, Duane will discuss his background and then provide us with more insights about his experience living in the UK while learning bespoke tailoring techniques.

Tuesday 21 February 2023: This episode is a closer look at how Duane’s maker background has finally brought him to The Tailoring Academy.

One comment

  1. You have brought us another great podcast! It is fun and inspiring to hear you chat with your guests, and of course I am a big fan of mainely menswear and am living vicariously and honestly very jealously, thru his posts from the Tailoring Academy, and his fabric shopping trips. Thanks so much Maria and Duane for sharing this.


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