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Colour blocking July challenge

Get ready for the July challenge from Sewover50 – #SewColourBlocking #SewColorBlocking

It’s a great way to add fun to your wardrobe, use up remnants, refashion unworn garments and simply have fun being creative. You can most certainly put up a new post about an older garment #so50reworn


  • open to all sewists
  • plain colours only (no patterned prints)
  • the challenge runs from July 1 to July 31
  • garments only
  • a new post of your make – it can be #So50reworn
  • use either tag – #SewColourBlocking #SewColorBlocking

What will your colours be? vibrant? monochromatic? tonal? subtle?

Why not add some pattern ideas to help us out on the SewOver50 Instagram account.

Check out the SewOver50 stories for more examples. You do know all SewOver50 instagram stories run 24/7.

Make sure you welcome aboard and thank Judy @judywillementross who will be managing this challenge. You can find Judy’s podcasts here.

Judy @judywillementros in her epic dress

SewOver50 celebrated 40K

Will you join SewOver50 celebrate reaching 40,000 followers on Instagram with Sandy and Judith?

Friday 11 March 2022: Celebrate SewOver50 reaching 40,000 followers this weekend with a fun contest.

Join the 40,000 follower contest on SewOver50 today

SewOver50 on Instagram has gone from their humble beginnings in August 2018 when Judith (@JudithRosalind the founder) asked “is there a need for a group for older sewists? to now being the largest active sewing community on Instagram. In the words of Helen Reddy, we’re “in numbers too big to ignore!”  

On the SewOver50 post published on Friday 11 March 2022 UK time, describe your “sewing style” in three descriptors in the comments.
This was a fun contest that ended on Sunday 13 March 2022.

Show your personal support by sharing your sewing style descriptors in a post or story on your Instagram account and let everyone know that being SewOver50 does not mean invisible. 

Special mentions: Gillian of Craftingarainbow or Gilliancrafts, Susan Young of SusanYoungsewing and Tree of Stitchless_tv

2022 podcasts

Click on the names below to hear their podcast
21 JuneBernadette of @littlemissdressco
14 JuneLou’s experience in regaining her instagram account
26 MayWis_g from Gent
24 MayLindy of Stokx Patterns and her SewOver50 supporters
19 MayLove Binti background information
17 MayJudy’s Op Shop rules
12 MayCamilla’s encore podcast
10 MayThe Big Sew Off
5 MaySteven of arealheller encore podcast – men who sew series
3 MayThreaded Together AZ
28 AprilSewing Machine Magic‘ project with Love Binti
26 AprilMaking fuller bust adjustments with Lindsie of Sew Busty
21 AprilMolly of MikeandMollysHouse
19 AprilJudy of judywillimentross
14 AprilClive for #boyssewtoo
12 AprilLisa of Gizagiza.gorogoro
7 AprilLindy of Stokx patterns
5 AprilJanine of Janineerm
31 MarchByrd of Yogabyrdsews
29 MarchCamilla of frck.lindberg – sewing for men
24 MarchSteven of arealheller – men who sew series
22 MarchBra sewing chat with Helga and Nicole
17 MarchAlison of Alibobs_sews – breast cancer series
15 MarchTeresa of Desewtropia and Ukraine digital Etsy craft sellers
11 MarchSewOver50 celebrates 40k fun contest
10 MarchPam of Sewnonthemap
8 MarchHelga and Nicole’s sewing plans – sewing friends
4 MarchKate Sekules
3 MarchSewing friends – Helga and Nicole
1 MarchRobyn of fourpatchtextiles
25 February#mendmarch
24 FebruaryDawna Tierney is Spoolriversewing
22 FebruaryTracy Davis is Sewing4therapy
17 FebruaryVintage Tina
15 FebruaryYolanda Woodland is so_sew_mardest
10 FebruaryJeanette Hayes – NZsews
8 FebruaryNikksinclair
3 FebruaryVisible mending journey Sarah Pondevie
2 FebruaryAngie’s 2022 plans
1 FebruaryAngie Hinksman is back
27 January#Sewingcpd
25 JanuaryCurvy pattern database with Sarah Thomas
20 JanuaryJulie and Gabriele’s 2022 plans
18 JanuarySewing friends: Gabriele and Julie
13 JanuaryUthando Project with Anne Vivers
11 JanuaryAbout Mimi Jackson
New podcasts added each week


Dawna is Spoolriversewing

Thursday 24 February 2022: @spoolriversewing is how we all know and admire Dawna’s sewing skills and she’s now a SewOver50 podcast guest as well.

Dawna is Spoolriversewing on Instagram

Dawna is a rivertown gal from St Paul, Minnesota, situated on the Mississippi River. She lives a stone’s throw away from the banks of this mighty river and she walks by it every day. Dawna is an English major and at university she read ‘Spoonriver Anthology’ which is a collection of poems about rural life in America. It’s essentially a tapestry of life and her sewing life is definitely a tapestry of her life as well.

You can find Dawn on her blog and on instagram.

Dawna has a very long sewing career and her daughters have also attended sewing camp. You’ll love listening to her sewing reflections.

Tracy Davis

Tracy Davis

Tuesday 22 February 2022: Tracy’s sewing style reflects her Instagram name sewing4therapy.

Tracy Davis is Sewing4therapy on Instagram

Vintage Tina

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2400.jpg
Vintage Tina wearing vintage, of course

Thursday 17 February 2022: Tina Watts has now created the Vintage clothes she enjoys wearing.

Vintage Tina is a Brisbane Spoolette
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2393.jpg
Vintage Tina

Her instagram account provides her with the file of the clothes she can choose from, in true vintage style.

Yolanda Woodland

Yolanda Woodland

Tuesday 15 February 2022: Yolanda gives her time to test patterns for sewing companies.

Yolanda Woodland is @so_sew_mardest on Instagram

Jeanette Hayes

Thursday 10 February 2022: Jeanette or netty.hayes.sews on Instagram is a New Zealand sewist and a SewOver50 follower.

Jeanette is and Auckland local in New Zealand
Jeanette is SewOver50 follower on the grid for Friday Pattern Davenport

Nikki Sinclair

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fee0515e-d94a-42c4-bab0-576f6e750b06.jpg
Nikki Sinclair

Tuesday 8 February 2022: Nikki Sinclair is a stylist who sews and inspires her fellow SewOver50 friends.

Nikki Sinclair is joined by her biggest fan, Clayton

Sarah Pondevie

Sarah Pondevie of Pattern Union patterns (on hiatus)

Thursday 3 February 2022
: Sarah has been focussing on using her existing resources to focus on visible mending. With her pattern developments, she amassed a lot of fabrics and resources that were no longer useful to her but when she went to take them to the local thrift store, the response from the store was a wake up call to her regarding textile waste.Sarah discusses her journey into visible mending

Sarah discusses her journey into visible mending

In this podcast Sarah discusses how she’s focussing on visible mending techniques and helping local people develop their own visible mending skills in Perth.

Angie Hinksman

Angie Hinksman

Wednesday 2 February 2022: Angie gives us the inside details of her time recording on Kirsty’s Handmade Christmas.

Angie gives more details about her tv appearance and her plans for 2022

Angie makes dolls and toys and she discusses this in more detail. As well as her love of the Marvellous Miss Maisel tv series and clothes.

Tuesday 1 February 2021: Angie Hinksman has had a few amazing opportunities offered to her since last year and she talks about them in this podcast.

Angie Hinksman is back

Yes. She’s taken these opportunities and is enjoying herself and is feeling happy again.


Sarah Thomas

Thursday 27 January 2022: Sarah loves to keep spreadsheets and when she created her sewing pattern database, she was more than happy to share in with the sewing community. She also puts her time into pattern testing as well.

There is so much Sarah does for the Curvy Sewing community including SewOver50

Tuesday 25 January 2022: Sarah Thomas runs Curvy Pattern Database.

Part 1: Sarah Thomas talks about all the work she does to keep the Curvy Pattern Database current
Sarah does all the work herself

Gabriele and Julie – Sewing friends

Thursday 20 January 2022: Julie and Gabriele discuss their plans for 2022 and beyond. They hold SewOver50 in high regard.

Do your sewing plans match the plans that Julie and Gabriele have in mind?

You’ll also hear the background of their twinning sewing projects.

Tuesday 18 January 2022: Gabriele and Julie are sewing friends from the SewOver50 community.

Julie and Gabriele talk about their sewing friendship. This is part 1 of their podcast together

Gabriele reached out to Julie though a DM. She helped Julie become more comfortable with general Instagram functionality like stories and chatting.

Uthando Project

Thursday 13 January 2021: Ann Vivers talks about the work undertaken by the Uthando Project. This is the project that you’ve seen on Instagram as UthandoprojectdollmakersSydney.

Ann Vivers of Uthando Project

Uthando Project is based in Perth, Western Australia and this organisation is run by unpaid volunteers.

Mimi Jackson

Monday 10 January 2022: Mimi Jackson talks about her love for sewing and how fabric impacts her life and the lives of her family.

Mimi Jackson talks about her sewing love.

Tuesday 21 December 2021: Mimi Jackson runs shop the garment district on Instagram.

Mimi talks about shopping in the fashion district in NYC
Mimi’s perpetual shirt

Meet/share like-minded sewing folk aged over 50. Run by @judithrosalind and @sunnydayz06. Use #SewOver50 to be seen/reposted. Blogs by @susanyoungsewing Sewover50 intersects with all communities.

Sandy Bach, their Australian lead creates their community initiatives and fun projects happening in the Sewover50 community. Susan Young, the official Sewover50 blog writer has featured in a couple of podcasts. Judith Staley, the founder of Sewover50 has now featured in two podcasts. They’re a fabulous team with a following of 39,000 and growing by 1,000 each month.

If you’re able, become a Patreon supporter to keep developing Sewover50 podcasts published at least every Tuesday and Thursday for free.

Go to the latest SewOver50 podcasts on the new SewOver50 podcasts in 2022 page.

Sandy’s Instagram tech podcasts

Sandy Bach has a knack for teaching us about Instagram

Thursday 9 April 2020: Sandy discusses the basics of using hashtags on Instagram.

Make hashtags work for you

Thursday 16 April 2020: Sandy provides more useful information about hashtags on Instagram.

Hashtags part 2
Featured on SimplicityUK in February 2022

Head over to Simplicity UK to see this interview with Judith and Sandy chatting to Amy about SewOver50. Thanks for your ongoing support Amy!

Go to the latest SewOver50 podcasts on the new SewOver50 podcasts in 2022 page.
The newest podcasts are on the new blog post!

Nikki Sinclair

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fee0515e-d94a-42c4-bab0-576f6e750b06.jpg
Nikki Sinclair

Tuesday 8 February 2022: Nikki Sinclair is a stylist who sews and inspires her fellow SewOver50 friends.

Nikki Sinclair is joined by her biggest fan, Clayton

Nikki Sinclair is joined by her biggest fan, Clayton

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is b924ba32-6512-4884-beaf-f4132f964608.jpg
Nikki has great support from Clayton (the Sinclair part)

You can find Nikki’s styling work at her website.

Nikki shows her style everyday.

Sarah Pondevie

Sarah Pondevie of Pattern Union patterns (on hiatus)

Thursday 3 February 2022
: Sarah has been focussing on using her existing resources to focus on visible mending. With her pattern developments, she amassed a lot of fabrics and resources that were no longer useful to her but when she went to take them to the local thrift store, the response from the store was a wake up call to her regarding textile waste.Sarah discusses her journey into visible mending

Sarah discusses her journey into visible mending

In this podcast Sarah discusses how she’s focussing on visible mending techniques and helping local people develop their own visible mending skills in Perth.

Sarah’s sewing pattern development is on hiatus right now as she focusses her energies on visible mending and painting.

This is a story about how one indie pattern designer is using her sewing skills to be more mindful about how she uses textiles and slowing the sewing process down.

Angie Hinksman

Angie Hinksman

Wednesday 2 February 2022: Angie gives us the inside details of her time recording on Kirsty’s Handmade Christmas.

Angie gives more details about her tv appearance and her plans for 2022

Angie makes dolls and toys and she discusses this in more detail. As well as her love of the Marvellous Miss Maisel tv series and clothes.

Tuesday 1 February 2021: Angie Hinksman has had a few amazing opportunities offered to her since last year and she talks about them in this podcast.

Angie Hinksman is back

Yes. She’s taken these opportunities and is enjoying herself and is feeling happy again.

That’s Angie on the telly.


Sarah Thomas

Thursday 27 January 2022: Sarah loves to keep spreadsheets and when she created her sewing pattern database, she was more than happy to share in with the sewing community. She also puts her time into pattern testing as well.

There is so much Sarah does for the Curvy Sewing community including SewOver50

Tuesday 25 January 2022: Sarah Thomas runs Curvy Pattern Database.

Part 1: Sarah Thomas talks about all the work she does to keep the Curvy Pattern Database current
Sarah does all the work herself

In part 1 of this podcast with Sarah, she introduces her sewing background and then we hear about all the work she puts into the website, The Curvy Pattern Database, as well as the Instagram account Curvy Pattern Database, and the additional time she makes every month to do a monthly round up of patterns available for sewists.

The spreadsheet is a resource she built to use and she shares this with all sewists for free.

Sarah is in her element with sewing and spreadsheets

Part 2 gives us more details about what Sarah does for the sewing community including pattern testing for a few sewing companies.

As Sarah said ‘#SewingCPD is something that I hope to keep going and this came from the #SewingCPD challenge I hosted in October 2021. I’ve been quiet over on Instagram in the past month just recovering from the Challenge, but it was a great time to see all the inclusive makes that sewists made up in the month of October and some since then! It was also a delight to be able to give away so many prizes – and to have such universal support from pattern designers.’

Make sure you use #SewingCPD so you’re helping Sarah continue to keep the Curvy Pattern Database up to date for all sewists to use.

Gabriele and Julie

Thursday 20 January 2022: Julie and Gabriele discuss their plans for 2022 and beyond. They hold SewOver50 in high regard.

Do your sewing plans match the plans that Julie and Gabriele have in mind?

You’ll also hear the background of their twinning sewing projects.

Tuesday 18 January 2022: Gabriele and Julie are sewing friends from the SewOver50 community.

Julie and Gabriele talk about their sewing friendship. This is part 1 of their podcast together

Gabriele reached out to Julie though a DM. She helped Julie become more comfortable with general Instagram functionality like stories and chatting.

In part 1, you’ll hear how their sewing friendship has grown and grown.

Uthando Project

Thursday 13 January 2021: Ann Vivers talks about the work undertaken by the Uthando Project. This is the project that you’ve seen on Instagram as UthandoprojectdollmakersSydney.

Ann Vivers of Uthando Project
Uthando Project dolls with local children in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Uthando Project is based in Perth, Western Australia and this organisation is run by unpaid volunteers.

Uthando Project Mission

To create handmade dolls for our partner organisations in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, who work with disadvantaged and vulnerable children to strengthen relationships through play.

To provide opportunities for community, shared creativity and purpose for dollmakers in Australia and around the world.

What they do: Since 2004 thousands of dollmakers from around the world have designed, made and sent or delivered handmade dolls for children in KwaZulu Natal (KZN), South Africa. The number of dolls shipped each year has steadily increased and around 6000 dolls are shipped each year to our partners in KZN from our headquarters in Forrestfield.  Groups provide doll makers with a sense of community and companionship through a sharing of skills and ideas with a common humanitarian purpose.

Uthando Project partners with five non-government organizations in KwaZulu Natal distributing dolls to children in need.

These dolls are designed to help children know more about medical staff and hospitals.

Katrine of Mending Mayhem

Katrine of Mending Mayhem

Thursday 23 December 2021: Katrine chats about how mending and craft energises her while living with Lupus, Dyslexia and ADHD.

Katrine has lived with chronic illness for over 20 years.

Mending and always doing something with her hands helps her focus on everyday things like speaking to health services, teachers and even her neighbours.

Katrine’s latest rolltop bag

Shop the garment district

Mimi Jackson

Monday 10 January 2022: Mimi Jackson talks about her love for sewing and how fabric impacts her life and the lives of her family.

Mimi Jackson talks about her sewing love.

Tuesday 21 December 2021: Mimi Jackson runs shop the garment district on Instagram.

Mimi talks about shopping in the fashion district in NYC
Mimi’s perpetual shirt
A new shirt sewn by Mimi

Shop the garment district blog has a wealth of information you can use to find the retailers you want to visit.

Locally pleated fabric from Shop the Garment District blog

You’ll hear more about Mimi’s personal sewing story in January.

Seamripper and friends

Sabine and Murnie are the friends who run Seamripper and friends

Thursday 16 December 2021: Seam ripper and friends on Instagram, run by 2 friends Sabine and Murni are today’s sewing friends podcast for Sewover50.’

Sabine and Murni are the friends that drive Seamripper and friends

Seam ripper and friends is a collaborative Instagram account that was an idea of Sabina and her friend Murni supported her to start this very recent sewing account.

Seam ripper and friends has a team of volunteers that are experimenting with this account to engage a variety of people since they started this account this year.

Murni stated that Sewover50 rocks and Sabine is also in awe of the work that Sewover50 does to engage people from all communities on Instagram.

Their friendship and online team demonstrates that Sewover50 does intersect with all communities.


This is the podcast series about sewing for men and men who sew from the Sewover50 community.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1700.jpg
Simon Turner is Madebysilverfox

Tuesday 14 December 2021: In part 2, Simon talks about the sewing community and he’s quite inspiring.

Part 2 with Simon Turner

Thursday 9 December 2021: Simon Turner @madebysilverfox is a new sewist. He counters the saying ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’. He’s a part of the SewOver50 community and one of the men who sew.Simon Turner talks about his Covid skill – sewing

Simon Turner talks about his Covid skill – sewing
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1697.jpg
You’ll hear the story behind this fabric Simon had digitally printed

In this first episode his sewing skill story centres around a family market umbrella that he hand sewed to stop the fabric from deteriorating any further. Restoring this umbrella has led to Simon investing in his sewing skills.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1698.jpg
The leisurewear Simon made for his wife

He shares his sewing skills for sewing his own clothes as well as for his family and friends.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1701.jpg
Simon enjoys sewing for family and friends

Simon has been sewing for 2 years. This is his Covid skill.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1664.jpg
Wendy of Whendy7

Tuesday 7 December 2021: Wendy or Whendy7 was nominated to be on the podcast recently because she does some very creative mending.

Whendy7 tells her story

Visible mending is a skill she is developing everyday. Her parents gave her the lifelong value to mend. Wendy tells a great story about how both her mother and father helped her save both her school skirt and her bike.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1663.jpg
Wendy is working out Liz’s latest zero waste pattern on paper

Wendy is inspired by the efficiency and cleverness of zero waste patterns. She particularly enjoys Liz Haywood’s patterns. Wendy sees Liz’s pattern like reading a good novel. She gets absorbed into the journey and enjoys each new insight or revelation as Liz reveals her new patterns on Instagram.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1666.jpg
Wendy and Tricia

Mending Mayhem is such a fun group for Wendy and she thanks Tricia for introducing them to her. Katrine and Anette, who run it, exude enthusiasm and mending positivity. They celebrate all kinds of mending – even a snowmobile! The regular reappearance of Mr Mayhem’s jacket and jeans is a source of great fun and there is shared empathy for the never diminishing pile of sock mends that so many people have.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1665.jpg
Mending sock and showing these on IG in a fun way

If Wendy has mending, she posts them for #mendingmayem and @evelyn_wood ‘s #mondaymending – even if it is very ‘boring’ – each week.

Dorota and Lizzie

Lizzie and Dorota

Thursday 2 December 2021: Dorota @librarianka and Lizzie @solizziesews are local sewing friends that met via the SewOver50 community.

Dorota and Lizzie talk about their sewing friendship

Their sewing interests brought them together and they share many more interests across many parts of their lives.

Dorota’s Instagram name means female librarian and her explanation is quite interesting. Dorota is a recent maker. Lizzie has been a maker most of her life with pottery as one of the media she has explored throughout her artistic life.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1606.jpg
Emily is Loveaslugtoo

Tuesday 30 November 2021: Emily or loveaslugtoo talks about why they are a ruthless blocker.

Emily discusses her sewing and the social issues in our sewing community

Emily is careful about online safety and keeps their password and identity safe, as well as their own mental self. The ongoing phishing that happens online doesn’t stop Emily from sharing their sewing projects or on their views of life.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1605.jpg

Emily tells us about how they protect their online selves through having both a private Instagram account and a public account.

They’ve tapped into a rage of voices of women who are over 50 and fat who are silenced by many parts of the media, by makers and by influencers. Emily is current working in fat studies at university level. They discuss images and influencers to be thin through various generations and the pressure many people have lived through during their lives.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_1607.jpg
Emily wearing a pop of colour

The changed that happen to our bodies over 50 and due to menopause is still not talked about. Acknowledging older voices in any craft needs to be recognised.

There are a lot of issues Emily covers so it’s worth while having a few listens to what they talk about. They’re very insightful.

Mad Sewing Scientist

Jacqui Mendez-Johnson is Mad Sewing Scientist

Thursday 25 November 2021: Jacqui Mendez-Johnson or @mad_sewing_scientist is a Sew Over It Inside and part of the Sewover50 community.

Mad Sewing Scientist is Jacqui Mendez-Johnson

Recently Sew Over It recognised the SewOver50 community in their social media. Jacqui is one of their Sew Over It Insiders.

Sew Over It Insiders help showcase Sew Over It patterns

Jacqui discusses how she became a Sew Over It pattern insider and what that role entails. She loves it!

Her day job does impact on how she sews and the amount of precision she puts into sewing her clothes. You can find Jacqui on Sew Over It account, on Minerva and on her own Instagram account.

Lynne and Linda – Sewing friends

Lynne and Linda

Tuesday 23 November 2021: Lynne of @lyonsmadewithlove and Linda of @grannylindasews who are today’s sewing friend guests. We really should have included Marilyn of @mazzarinie in this podcast as well.

Lynne and Linda are 2 Sewing Angels of the North
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is the-dress.jpg
Linda, Marilyn and Lynne

It all started with a dress! Lynne had taken part in an Instagram challenge called Swap, Share, Sew, the purpose of which was making new friends. She was partnered with another sewist and they both made a dress. Lynne wore her dress to the local mall, where she had coffee.

Later that day Lynne received a message on Instagram asking if she’d been in Costa that morning. Linda had recognised Lynne’s dress from an Instagram post. Lynne replied to Linda and they just ‘clicked’ and agreed to meet up for coffee. That was the start of their lovely friendship.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is picture4.jpg
They’re both wearing clothes they’ve made

Then the pandemic hit and they continued their friendship from afar, via Instagram and WhatsApp. Lynne and Linda have been a great source of moral support to each other during lockdown. Linda said Lynne boosted her confidence for her sewing. Linda lacked belief in her own makes and said that Lynne’s encouragement and belief in her transformed the way she felt about herself. Lynne had some illnesses this year and Linda unfailingly supported Lynne throughout, cheering her along.

They’ve made many new Instagram friends and they recently had a meet-up of 16 at a local fabric shop. Lots of sewing chat, coffee and cake. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sewing-angels.jpg
Photo taken by First for Fabrics

As Lynne said ‘I can’t tell you how grateful I am for my friendship with Linda and for wearing that dress to a coffee date. We will continue to be friends, supporting and encouraging each other for many years to come.’

Katrine of Mending Mayhem

This is Katrine’s jacket that continues to be visibly mended.

Thursday 18 November 2021: Katrine of Mending Mayhem shares her recent creator’s block experience to help listeners experiencing their own creator’s block to accept that this happens to all makers.

Katrine talks about her recent creator’s block
Mending never ends

Protect your accounts now

Tuesday 16 November 2021: With the ways our online accounts are being compromised from time to time, we’re developing a series of podcasts that cover ways to keep your accounts safe.

Protect your accounts

Can you help? If you’re able to help develop these podcasts, email us today.

Head over the the full post to learn more about using strong passwords and places to get help for unsolicited payment demand messages.

Here’s a link to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s Q&A on Scams and Identity theft. This information about phishing will help you figure out when you’re being scammed.
Identity theft occurs when someone uses another person’s personal identifying information, like their name, identifying number, or credit card number, without their permission, to commit fraud or other crimes. An easy place to start is via eSafety Commissioner’s website with their eSafety guide.

Change your online passwords

If you think your computer or device has been hacked or infected with malware or ransomware, use your security software to run a virus check if you think your computer has been compromised.

If you think one of your online accounts (e.g. your bank account, email, online shopping account or social networking site) has been compromised, you should change your password immediately. Most reputable websites provide step-by-step instructions for how you can recover a hacked account. Advice copied from Scamwatch.

The Arts Law of Australia recently published helpful information this month. As the the Arts Law of Australia states, ‘October is Cyber Security Awareness month. A good time to be reminded of our cyber security needs, especially as we’re all receiving more and more fake emails and texts to track deliveries, take up marketing offers and what not.  Cyber scams such as ransomware are on the rise with hackers gaining control of your data and demanding ransom before returning it to you.’ Go to their Cyber Security Awareness page for more details.

They’ve published some useful factsheets on topics like copyright, unauthorised use of your image, legal issues for bloggers, copyright infringement, takedown notice regarding copyright, social media for artists, filming with a smartphone, that include copyright laws.

The Australian Cyber Security website has some practical ways you can protect yourself online.


Janene represents Sewover50 at Sew Over It

Thursday 11 November 2021: Janene Spencer or ooobop represents the SewOver50 community at Sew Over It.

Janene Spencer talks about her day as a model at Sew Over It

Janine or ooobop

You can find Janene at her freelance graphic design website,

She has a wonderful vintage & modern dressmaking blog


Janine discusses why she has previously avoided opportunities that are stressful like being the focus of attention as a model.

She gives listeners some simple ways they raise the profile of their sewing makes by just simply being themselves.


Tuesday 9 November 2021: James Munroe or craftspacecontinuum is today’s guest for Sewover50 podcast.

James with a hoop
James Munroe sews and crafts

James is a cosmetologist who has sewn throughout his life and loves crafts. Most recently he’s used online learning as his tv substitute learning new skills.

He’s values making connections with people and especially through these periods of long lockdowns.

Can you spot Tomasa, Peter and Kyle in these photos…as well as Kenneth D King?

The online community such as Sewover50 has helped James stay connected with people in the sewing and crafting community.

Cara Lee Goodenoughsewist

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is picture-5.jpg
Cara Goodenoughsewist

Thursday 4 November 2021: Cara or Goodenoughsewist talks about how she lives with chronic pain and sews.

Cara Lee talks about how she makes the most of her day
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cara-2.jpg

You’ll love to hear all the terms Cara uses to ensure she keeps her life fulfilling to her and to her family. Building in the ‘want to dos’ into her limited hours of energy are an important part of her daily life.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is cara-1-1.jpg

If you only have a couple of hours of energy each day, Cara encourages ‘spoonies’ to do some of the ‘have tos’ and some of the ‘want tos’.

From Wikipedia, Spoon theory is a metaphor that is used to describe the amount of mental or physical energy a person has available for Spoon theory[a] is a metaphor that is used to describe the amount of mental or physical energy a person has available for daily activities and tasks. The theory was developed by Christine Miserandino as a way to express how it felt to have lupus. She used spoons to provide a visual representation of units of energy that a person might have and how chronic illness forces her to plan out her days and actions in advance, so as not to run out of energy, or spoons, before the end of the day.[1]

Beginner sewing advice with Wendy Ward

Thursday 28 October 2021: Wendy Ward has taught sewing since 2012 and she shares her beginner sewing advice.

Beginner guide advice from Wendy Ward

Many thanks for Wendy for sharing her sewing knowledge as she’s worked both in the textiles industry and taught sewing in her local community.

The aim of this podcast is to give people who want to progress from making masks and PPE to develop their own sewing practice to go on and make things they love to create.

Sheila and Sue

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Sheila and Sue are modelling their Mersis top by Pattern Fantastique

Tuesday 26 October 2021: Sheila of Sheilasewsherclothes and Sue of Modelled_by_Madge are today’s sewing friend guests from the Sewover50 community.Sheila and Sue are Sewover50 sewing friends

Sheila and Sue are Sewover50 sewing friends

Sewing brought these two sewing friends together but they have more than sewing that keeps them together.

Yes they have different fit issues but they work together to create clothes they love to wear. Both Sheila and Sue provide great suggestions if you’d like to find a sewing friend online.

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Sheila’s Sewover50 flatlay image


Nikki Ansell

Thursday 21 October 2021: Nikki or @itchycoopark23 lives with long covid and she shares how her life has changed since March 2020.

Nikki Ansell shares her life living with long Covid

If you have experienced loss of your loved ones, please be aware this podcast may be a trigger for you.

Nikki’s July makes

Nikki was one of our Sewover50 followers who was recently featured in the #chronicallysewn post. Nikki balances her crafting life of sewing and knitting with severe fatigue and manages her pain when her day has been too demanding.

Nikki features Ziggy the Romanian Rescue Dog on her Instagram account. Ziggy (previously Galene) is about 2 years old and the family are besotted by her❤️

She’s gentle, quiet and shy, as we expected her to be, but there’s been some tail wagging so all’s good 😀
Definitely going to need to get some ‘Contains Dog Hairs’ labels for my Me-mades, this one’s a shedder (a new experience for us)
She does, of course, have her own IG @ziggy_starpaws_ my daughter will assist her with the typing.
Huge thanks to @romanian.rescue.appeal and Arc Transport for bringing her to us. You guys do amazing work!


Nikki shares the tools she now relies upon so she can continue to sew the clothes she enjoys wearing, with pride.

Sue Stoney

Sue Stoney
Sue Stoney discusses accessibility

Tuesday 19 October 2021: Sue identified a few gaps in our discussion about accessibility in sewing podcasts.

Sue discusses using technology to make sewing more accessible.

We’ve had over 240 guests on the podcast and while we’ve discussed accessibility Sue Stoney identified a few gaps that we needed to discuss further. 

Sue has used hundreds of patterns and this list of issues are ones that pattern designers can use to make the lives of their customers easier to follow their instructions. Using redundant queues, avoiding colour use, including sizes on pattern grade  lines, adding pattern layers, being aware of hearing loss, yellowing of the lens through age, sewn shown seated, designing for seated people, text to voice enabling to help read pdf patterns – these are some of the podcast gaps Sue Stoney identified that we needed to talk about.

Sue references WHO stats to state her case about how pattern designers can make their patterns more accessible to their customers who love their patterns.

Sew Over It embraces SewOver50

Sew Over It highlighting the SewOver50 community

Thursday 14 October 2021: Alma of Sew Over It tells us about how Lisa Comfort the founder of Sew Over It decided she wanted to feature SewOver50 sewists, recognising their support at Sew Over It ensuring representation of sewists over 50 in their social media and on their newly designed pattern covers.

Sew Over It features the SewOver50 in their social media

At Sew Over It they are all about stylish sewing patterns, gorgeous fabrics, easy-to-follow classes on Stitch School, a comprehensive online learning platform, and expert advice to help people learn to sew one make at a time. Their mission is simple. They want to inspire and teach as many people as possible to learn to sew and join our sewing community.

These values are aligned to the Sewover50 community to encourage people to inspire and encourage each other to sew.

Janene is on the latest ultimate jeans pattern

Sewing is fun, sustainable and rewarding – there’s nothing like the joy of making something yourself!

Sewists in the Sewover50 community have been long time fans of Sew Over It and seeing our sewing friends being represented by Sew Over It is great encouragement for more sewing companies to recognise like-minded sewing people over the age of 50.

Sewover50 was created over 3 years ago. Sewover50 encourages people to meet and share with like-minded sewing folk aged over 50. Sewover50 is run by @judithrosalind and @sunnydayz06. Blogs are researched and written by @susanyoungsewing Sewover50 intersects with all communities. Ageism is never in style.

Frida blouse and dress with Janene

Janene is now on the cover of the Frida blouse, the Libby shirt and the Zadie blouse.

Please take the opportunity to visit @SewOverItLondon and see the sewists who represented Sewover50 on their grid: Nandita; Lena; Suzy; Ellen; Jen; and Allison. There’s also our very own SewOver50 model Janene @Ooobop on several pattern covers. Many more SewOver50 were featured in their SOI stories.

Janene on the Zadie blouse

SewOverIt uses a diverse group on their grid and pattern covers. SOI patterns produced since March 2020 are UK 6-30, and older popular patterns are being continually updated….perfect for the #SewingCPD@CurvyPatternDatabase challenge (sewing a size inclusive pattern).

Eleanor Thomson

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Eleanor Thomson

Tuesday 12 October 2021: Eleanor Thomson or Nelnanandnora talks about Sewing Flat and Asymmetrical on facebook – A group for anyone sewing for a small bust, asymmetry or after surgery (mastectomy or otherwise), offering shared ideas, support and information in a safe space.

Eleanor talks about what the Sewing Flat and Asymmetrical group does

Her default bra patterns are the Jordy Bralette by Emerald Erin and the Watson Bra by Cloth Habit.

The main hashtag to follow for like minded sewists is #sewoverbreastcancer.

Make sure you follow Eleanor on Instagram and refer people to the Sewing Flat and Asymmetrical group. It’s a group for anyone sewing for a small bust, asymmetry or after surgery (mastectomy or otherwise), offering shared ideas, support and information in a safe space.


Justin’s shirt is the Fairfield Button-Up from Thread Theory Designs.

Thursday 7 October 2021: Justin of Justinmakesmyown started sewing masks in early 2020 to help his sister when she started her full time nursing career.

Justin started sewing his own clothes in 2020.

These Sew House Seven Nehalem pants was his first make after initially sewing masks.

Justin in his Sew House 7 Nehalem pattern pants

Justin has also made the Hey Jude Vero top from the Hey Jude patterns beach set.

The middy shirt and sailor pants patterns are from Folkwear.

Justin tells us about how sewing is a part of his family history.

My Instagram account (@justinmakesmyown) is a free-for-all covering all my “making” endeavours, not just sewing.  I also knit, mend, cook, bake, garden, ferment and do other activities that are easily photographed. I do have to say that my sewing posts receive the most attention. I guess less people are interested in my sourdough or kimchi.  

Justin’s short sleeve buttoned shirt is the Men’s Tropical Shirt by Wardrobe by Me.

Justin Google searches patterns he uses and refers to Thread Theory and Wardrobe by me as his first sewing patterns he has used. Listen into this podcast and find out what patterns Justin is using to create his back to the office clothes for 2022.

Justin does reuse and recycle fabrics, materials and projects he’s made but won’t get any wear out of. As Justin says, the sewing community is more than just talking about sewing.

Jennie of Annie and Myras

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is annie-herself.jpg
Jennie of Annie and Myras

Tuesday 5 October 2021: Jeannie of Annie and Myra’s is a bra sewing expert from regional Victoria. She shares her free tutorials on Instagram.

Jennie of Annie and Myras talks about bra sewing

Jennie answers a few bra sewing questions so we have more information about sewing bras that fit us using the correct underwires, fabrics and bra notions to suit all skin sensitivities. She does emphasis her love of couture sewing. Jennie is known for harvesting bra notions from pre-loved bras.

Jennie tells us about Free the Girls and their donating bras program. This donation program is one way of helping survivors.

Over the years Jennie has enjoyed many modalities – weddings, mens tailoring (she learnt men’s pattern making during a private order dressmaking certificate at TAFE in the early 1990s) millinery, and most recently she has reignited my passion for lingerie. Oh and she’s also starting to learn shoe making.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is annie-3.jpg
Couture styling

Starter bra patterns Jennie recommends are Harriet Bra by Cloth Habit and the Marlborough Bra by Orange Lingerie.
The Maya Bra is a free pattern you can start your bra sewing with.

shop image options  (3).jpg
Designed by Jennie for small backs and large cups

Jennie has designed the Grace Bra pattern. Three variations available to make : a fabric and lace combination; an all-over lace or embroidered tulle version and a knit fabric and foam option.

Lingerie fit kits can be purchased at Your Way Lingerie, Pitt Trading and through Nellie Joans.

Tina Bricolagedk

Tina wearing her self-drafted top

Thursday 30 September 2021: Tina is back for Sewover50 and give us an update on some of the new useful patterns she has found.

Tina is back for Sewover50’s #chronicallysewn series

The Ylia top by Lenaline patterns is one of Tina’s latest finds. The Clochette top by Iam patterns is a great find and they have videos of all their designs which is wonderful help in deciding whether I can use the pattern or not. The Renata top by Make my Lemonade patterns is another of Tina’s latest finds. The Bella robe is another Make My Lemonade pattern Tina is looking closely at right now. The Josephine Jumper Sewing Pattern by Rebecca Page is a useful pattern to try.

Ylia top
This is a great tutorial by In House Pattern Studio on how to remove a bust dart, with no added width to the waist seam is one that Tina recommends.
This tutorial is different to the Seamwork tutorial Tina mentioned in her first podcast where the excess width is moved into the waist.

Valetta top from Schnitquelle1

The fingerless glove pattern by Gina Renee Designs is one that Tina will be trying soon. She has difficulty finding gloves she can wear over her compression garment.

Melissa of Fehr Trade has a free sleeve pattern which Tina hope to use for making lace covers for her compression sleeve if I ever go to a party again.

The Sewing Guide to Cancer (and Other Pesky Long Term Illnesses)” by Heather Grant (Editor), Samarra Kahja (Illustrations) from Lucky Spool is a good book to refer to if you want to make projects for people you love.  

Tina does recommend sewing a Heart pillow for anyone going through a mastectomy. It is a pain relief pillow made of two pieces of soft cotton filled with wadding. The pillow Tina had helped her through my first year post mastectomy when driving and resting/sleeping. You can find the pattern by searching mastectomy pillow pattern or heart pillow pattern on Google.

Tuesday 28 September 2021: Joost de Cock is the creator of We learnt about this sewing resource in our chat with Wouter.vdub and with Enno Swets.

Joost talks about his sewing journey and

FreeSewing is an open source software project with the aim of becoming the Wikipedia of sewing patterns.

FreeSewing provides a core library for parametric pattern design, an ever-growing library of designs implemented in code, as well as a bunch of adjacent tools for building modern interfaces on top of our platform.

FreeSewing is not interested in fashion, trends, or publishing the hot new pattern of the season. Instead, the contributors want to empower makers by distilling the knowledge of the sewing community into parametric designs + documentation, and make that information freely available.

FreeSewing is built by contributors who are all volunteers, and financially supported by their Patrons.

Thread Theory patterns

Adrianna of Thread Theory patterns

Thursday 23 September 2021: Adrianna of Thread Theory Patterns joined into the Sewover50 sewing for men series this week.

Adrianna of Thread Theory Patterns shares her sewing tips

In the first podcasts within this series, both Wouter.vdub and Susan Young found Thread Theory patterns were a good men’s pattern sewing brand they use.

Adrianna is focusses on technical design and product development for Thread Theory Patterns. Her training is in men’s tailoring and patterns.

This is their brand new Woodley tee pattern.

In this podcast Adrianna shares some great sewing tips and you’ll love her sewing tool suggestions as well. Thread Theory patterns are well known for men’s patterns and they are focussing on making patterns for all sexes. They value inclusivity and demonstrate this through their patterns.

Many thanks for Morgan and Matt for agreeing to develop this podcast for Sewover50.

This is Morgan working on their farm.

You can find Thread Theory Patterns on Instagram, on their website and on their facebook page.


Lolie B Yergeau

Tuesday 21 September 2021: Lolie B. Yergeau or Lolieya on Instagram, shared makers from all crafts can take these photos the best way for people who are seated.

Lolieya or Lolie B Yergeau talks about #sewnshownseated
Guide to good seated photos

#Sewnshownseated is a way to show how your latest make looks like when seated. This is a great way to show how patterns in their standing form looks like when seated. You’ll surprise yourself when you take these photos. Here’s a link to Lolie’s free guide.

This little telescopic magnetic tool is used to take out pins from Lolie’s cork board. She also uses it to stick them back in if she can’t reach that far from time to time.

Lolie provides more ways to make your makes easier to find on Instagram for both children’s patterns and adult patterns.

This is the gripper Lolie uses

As she says ‘Covid has been hard on everyone I think, but particularly to the disabled community, because we’re more at risk and here in Canada we were forgotten many times.’

Can anyone offer pattern fit help with these shorts that Lolie wants to perfect?

Accessibility is very important to Lolie because having wheels awards her freedom (much better than being stuck in a bed all day!) but some of it is taken away because accessibility is, in general, poor at best even today. She constantly finds that when she calls ahead of time to ensure a venue is accessible, she still encounters stairs. As Lolie recounts, “They tell me: ‘no, there are no stairs, you can come’. I get to the venue and see 1- 3 small steps, or a massive doorstep. That’s enough to stop me from entering.”

This is Lolie’s sewing space


Christopher made this Ilford jacket

Thursday 16 September 2021: Chris @imthatbrujastitch is back for Sewover50 and he’s currently investing in his sewing practice this year.

Christopher is back for Sewvover50
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is PSX_20201031_131218.jpg

I’ve been sewing for about 3 years now and I think I’m finally getting the hang of it! I primarily started with menswear, but now I just make whatever I feel like.

Currently, I’m working full time and studying sewing and design to increase my sewing practice. So far, sewing has been a great resource for me to take the time and reflect on myself and the world around me. Oftentimes, it brings up more questions than not. What clothes make me the happiest (more masculine, more feminine, a bit of both)? How can I use sewing as medium to express my views as a queer Chicanx person in a world that doesn’t seem to care about the lives of BIPOCs? 

Culottes for any body

While I can’t say I’ve found the answers for myself just yet, I invite you to join me in cultivating a more inclusive environment! You can also find me on Instagram @imthatbrujastitch.’

Andie Wells

@sewprettyinpink Andie Wells

Thursday 9 September 2021: Sewprettyinpink or Andie Wells is our first #Chronicallysewn podcast series guest for Sewover50. As they say, ‘do what’s right for you’.

Andie Wells or Sew Pretty in Pink is our first Sewover50 guest for Chronically sewn series

Andie is an artist, sewist, writer and improv comedian. Andie also describes themselves as a disabled fat Endy Babe interested in sewing, fashion, Lingerie, Swimwear and EDS.


Andie talks about their developing @Chronicallysewn and the current #slowprojectchallenge. Chronicallysewn is an inclusive space for chronically ill (mental/physical) sewists. Slow Project Challenge runs over 3 months and the emphasis is on rest. There’s no need to finish a project or projects.

Andie has found that online events are more accessible than in person events. She had a wonderful experience at this year’s Sewing Weekender and says why the organisation of the Sewing Weekender was so brilliant and was very accessible.

Check your threads podcast

Zoe Edwards is now a podcaster! Check your thread podcast

Tuesday 7 September 2021: Have you subscribed to ‘check your thread’ podcast yet? This is Zoe Edwards podcast that is a joy to listen to.

Zoe Edwards is a podcaster – Check your threads is the podcast to subscribe to

I’m sure you’re already familiar with her existing blog ‘So Zo what do you know. She’s always posted her makes, her free patterns and her concern for the environment as well as the highly successful Me Made May each year. Her instagram account also reflects her sewing point of view and makes. In this podcast Zoe says that she enjoys engaging with people about being sustainable with their sewing.

This year Zoe published her mending book and now she has a podcast where she’s discussing being mindful about the environment when you are sewing on ‘Check your thread’ podcast.

Each week Check Your Thread will look at how to sew more sustainably, through inspiring conversation and fun explorations. For those of us who are concerned about the climate crisis but love sewing our own clothes, it’s an opportunity to nerd out about garment sewing, whilst figuring out ways to reduce the impact it may have on the planet. In the first episode, Zoe takes everyone on a journey through her sewing history, from fashion student, to garment industry employee, to sewing blogger, to dressmaking teacher and more.

You know Zoe provides well researched information!

In this podcast you’ll hear about how Zoe is enjoying the zero waste pattern process.

Wendy Ward – sewing basics for every body

Wendy Ward

Thursday 2 September 2021: Wendy Ward is back for Sewover50’s theme about ‘Men who sew and sewing for men’ series. One of her latest books ‘Sewing basics for every body’ provides patterns that can be used for people who either do or don’t identify with any sex.

Wendy Ward talks about sewing basics for every body
Sewing basics for every body

Wendy’s textile industry knowledge and her teaching experience has helped her develop this really useful book that helps build your sewing practice while creating a capsule wardrobe that reflects who you are.

A sneak peek into Wendy’s book

This is an empowering book by developing your life skills in a methodical way while allowing each user to create clothes that suit who they are most comfortable being.

It’s all about giving the reader skills to create what they want and look how they want to be seen. And isn’t that really a sewists’ superpower.

Sewing friends series

Within the online sewing community such as Sewover50, people become friends through their love of sewing. Sewing is our common interest and once you start chatting online, many people become friends for all sorts of reasons and in many countries. We’re hoping to publish more podcasts like this about online sewing friendships.

Nancy and Julia

Julia Cost and Nancy Chen

Tuesday 31 August 2021: Nancy Chen Bajraktari @iusedtobeacurtin is a sewist who lives on O’ahu for the last year and she enjoys print mixing and upcycling clothing. This feeds her obsession with vibrant prints and exploring all sewing possibilities. Julia Cost @juliaallissoncost is a painter and textile designer born, raised, and based on Maui.

Sewing friends – Nancy Chen Bajraktari and Julia Cost
You’ll hear the story behind this picture

Sewing brings people together. They stay together as friends once they start chatting to each other and in these times, we’re lucky we can become friends with global friends.

Enno Swets or

Enno Swets

Thursday 26 August 2021: Enno or has the drive to make the things he needs hence his brilliance making his own functional makes.

Enno Swets is Sewover50 guest for men who sew
There’s a great story about his brand name

One of the first functional fabric stores Enno was able to get the fabric he wanted was from Extreme Textil. Enno has made many things that he has wanted and you’ll hear about them in this podcast.

This is the Anorak Enno made at 17 years old

Enno also mentions Fabrics and Materials to Make Your Own Gear or Grow Your Business. ( and Shelby – Extreme Outdoor Materials & Gear ( as great sources for functional fabrics and notions.

This is Enno’s design.

There are many examples of Enno’s creativity he’s developed through sewing. Being part of the online sewing community is something he highly values.

The story behind this backpack created by Enno for his wife is a great example of how he has used his engineering background to develop a custom order backpack. The frame is from the original backpack that has a good life but was no longer available.

Brittani of Untitled Thoughts

Brittani Untitled Thoughts

Tuesday 24 August 2021: Brittani of Untitled Thoughts discusses some simple ways to be a sustainable sewist.

Brittani discusses a few ways to be a sustainable sewist for #So50SustainableSewing

In this podcast, Brittani provides some easy ways to think sustainably and how sewing is an act of being sustainable.

Buying locally to reduce your carbon foot print is very simple sustainable act to take.

PK is NZfilmgirl

PK or NZfilmgirl

Thursday 19 August 2021: PK of NZfilmgirl is today’s Sewover50 podcast guest.

PK is today’s Sewover50 podcast guest

PK begins with the tale of her iron dream come true and then we start chatting about the Croatian shirt.

She has written 2 guest posts for Sewover50 since making the Croatian Shirt

Labels and timestamping your makes is a detail PK is passionate about.

PK adds a time stamp to every garment. This is done in the basic monogramming function of the sewing machine. She uses the same formula for everything: pattern name/# – size – month/year.

She suggests you plan ahead to add time stamps so they are hidden on the inside: back yoke of shirt, inner pocket, coat facing, button placket, even on a French seam. Use a different colour thread so it is visible.

When it comes to labels, PK is a big fan of adding labels and she has her labels that she puts on everything. Then she might add in a side seam, or back neckline, and always on jeans. But…. It is easy to go overboard on labels. Sometimes less is more. Plan ahead where you want them placed as they will be added at different stages of construction.

Monogramming your makes is another aspect of making clothes that PK shares.

She loves adding stylised monogram to shirts, jeans, coats…anything! Sometimes large, sometimes not. It’s fun to add a contrast colour to make the monogram a design feature. No treading lightly!!

In case you were wondering, here’s a photo of her cutting table.

PK’s cutting table

So50SustainableSewing with Jen Hogg

Linen tablecloth – found fabric

Tuesday 17 August 2021: Jen Hogg practices sustainable sewing and supports Sewover50’s #so50SustainableSewing challenge with 4 guest posts, a prize sponsor and this podcast too.

Jen Hogg discusses many ways to be a sustainable sewist

Here’s a link to the instagram post Jen wrote about this jacket to support #so50SustainableSewing for Sewover50.

This is a delicate hand embroidered piece

Here’s a link to the destashing Instagram post Jen wrote wearing the fabric she bought from Judith Staley at the time. Jen bought the navy pinstripe fabric through a charity destash organised in the UK by Lesley @sewsleepdeprived.

Navy pinstripe wool fabric from Judith’s stash

As Jen has written in her guest post for Sewover50: Stash busting? Partly because I busted a bit of navy pinstripe wool from our own @sewover50 Judith’s stash that turned into #bhljackietrousers by @ByHandLondon.

Do I feel guilty about my own stash?  I won’t lie, it’s not wee, and dates back 10+ years (the blue coat, a sale bargain).    But the answer is no.  Having a stash is part of my creative process.  Sometimes I start with a garment in mind, then my stash is my own private shop.   More often I start with a fabric I like, then have to work out the garment.  I keep some of my stash fabric on display for inspiration (and it makes me keep it tidy).  The one rule I have is: do not add to the stash unless a fabric really calls out.

I do weed my stash though.  Most of us must have fabrics or patterns which no longer call out to us, so why not move them on to someone who’ll appreciate them?  I bought that navy pinstripe through a charity destash organised in the UK by Lesley @sewsleepdeprived.   Run twice a year since 2019, over £7,000 has been raised for Clic Sargent, the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people.  That’s a lot of stash busting!  Follow @destash_for_kids_with_cancer for info about the next destash, planned soon.  For practical purposes Lesley’s efforts are confined to the UK, but it could be set up elsewhere. 

The 3 jeans jacket

There is a great story behind this 3 jeans jacket that Jen talks about in this podcast.

You’ll hear about this detailing by Jen in the podcast

Have a close look at the pocket image and you’ll realise how fun her creativity

Another great use of found fabric

Here’s the found fabric Jen also talks about. Hopefully you’ll feel energised to try your own found fabric make.

This is the slitter fabric Jen discussed as waste from a local mill that she is using.
Less textile waste is a good thing.


Wouter in his latest historical cycling pants

Thursday 12 August 2021: Wouter started sewing 8 years ago when he wanted to know what it would be like to wear a kilt.

Wouter van Wageningen is better known on Instagram and Wouter.vdub
Wouter is very comfortable in his sewing space

Wouter says his sewing skills are not great but you’ll see on his instagram account how much he focusses on fit and great construction techniques.

Wouter has sewn his own clothes for 8 years

X Marks the Scot is the kilt forum Wouter talks about. Have a look for the utility kilt with pockets details that Wouter used in his research to make his own kilt.

Wouter balances being active and sewing his own clothes including his activewear

Wouter was featured in the men who sew post on Sewover50 and he was really pleased to contribute to this podcast series about men who sew.

You’ll hear about his initial sewing experiences as he was growing up.

Wouter is a fan of Thread Theory patterns. He also provides his own patterns to

Waralee pants designed by Wouter on

These Waralee pants are just one of the designs Wouter has developed for They’re free.

Oh and then there’s the Albert apron Wouter designed for his daughter again on

Sewing advice from Wouter… Find a technique to sew a zipper fly. Get really good at making welt pockets. Master these skills and make a bunch of them. He has more advice that will help new sewists that you’ll hear in his very first podcast.

Wendy Ward

Tuesday 10 August 2021: Wendy Ward has been helping people to make their own clothes since 2007. Wendy’s most recent book is “How to Sew Sustainably” and fully explores Wendy’s philosophy for dressing and sewing in a more sustainable way. 

Wendy Ward discusses sustainable sewing for Sewover50
Wendy Ward copyright Julian Ward.

Wendy is an advocate of sustainable fashion having worked for a fair trade organic cotton brand for four years, Wendy is passionate about empowering people to create their own style, interpret fashion in their own way and re-connect with the joy of making.

You can find lots of practical sewing tips and help on Wendy’s blog where she also writes about a wide range of sewing, design and fashion related topics.

MIY Collection patterns are designed and written by Wendy Ward; an experienced designer and qualified teacher and they have been thoroughly road-tested by her eager sewing students. Rest assured you will find MIY Collection patterns to be well explained in down-to-earth language with clear, detailed diagrams.  

Sustainable sewing projects

After working as a designer in the fashion industry for seven years, in 2007 Wendy began teaching dressmaking and pattern cutting in Brighton, UK. By 2012, she had opened MIY Workshop in central Brighton to teach her own dressmaking and pattern cutting classes. In 2019 Wendy re-located back to her hometown of Sheffield in the foothills of the glorious Peak District.

Wendy has a degree in Fashion Design, an MA in Design and is a qualified teacher. She had her own column in Love Sewing magazine for 3 years from 2015 to 2018 and contributed 4 popular series to Sewing World magazine between 2013 and 2015.


Rhonda Buss

Thursday 5 August 2021: Rhonda Buss or Sewbussted saves dogs using her pilot skills, sews and is a longtime member of the Haute Couture Club of Chicago.

Rhonda Buss for Sewover50

Rhonda Buss or Sewbussted is today’s Sewover50 guest. Rhonda starts chatting about how she saves dogs who go onto doing great things like being therapy dogs. She’s a pilot and she uses this skill to help her local community save dogs in states that keep lost dogs for very long.

She has sewn since the age of 5 and was taught by her grandmother. You would have seen Rhonda create and continue her #1yearchallenge on instagram. This challenge was Rhonda’s response to being in lockdown last year. 

Rhonda uses her pilot skills for the community

Yes. Rhonda is a long time member of the Haute Couture Club of Chicago, which is now open to anyone who wants to pop into their monthly Zoom meetings.

Rhonda’s blog has a lot of resources to build your patternmaking and sewing skills.


Sewover50 hosts #So50SustainableSewing

Tuesday 3 August 2021: Judith Staley of Sewover50 kicks off this month’s sewing challenge. Mind you, this challenge might run well into September.

Judith Staley talks about #So50SustainableSewing

As Judith says, this challenge is all about using ‘waste’ fabric to make a garment, fabric that is already in the system…. your remnants, charity shop or thrift fabric from estate sales, vintage fabrics, manufacturing waste, fabric picked up from fabric swap tables at meet ups or from your fellow sewist’s destashes, discarded garments or tablecloths or bed linen.

Judith Staley talks about sustainable sewing

Please be aware to avoid buying charity shop garments that you might think are worth remaking because they are a very large size. These garments should be left for people who are looking for these sizes for themselves to wear. Remember this challenge is essentially to use what you already have available in your home.

These are the joggers that Judith made from her husband’s sweatshirt

Seeing how you give fabric or garments a second life will spark your creativity so follow #So50SustainableSewing and #Soover50 to be inspired to take up this challenge.

You’ll see how sustainable it is to sew your own clothes and see what is sustainable clothing.

Keep your eyes peeled. 
As with all our #sewover50 challenges this challenge is open to all…no age restrictions. 

Guest podcasters will also be helping you find you sustainable sewing actions.

Sponsors for @So50sustainableSewing
More sponsors for #So50SustainableSewing

There are prizes, which are relevant to this challenge. The sponsors are:

@elbetextiles, @criswoodsews, @birgittahelmersson, @lizhaywood3754, @thatwendyward, @craftandthrift, @greyfriarsandgrace, @jenerates.shopwindow, @selvedgeandbolts, @ann_normandy_sewing_patterns and there will be more.

Are you a guest editor for Sewover50 as yet?

Guest Editors so far are:

@jenerates publishing 4 posts, @suestoney, @morrissews, @irenelundell, @marcialoisriddington, @raquel_sewing_knitting_in_asia and @judywillimentross

There are many more to come so you could assume this challenge will flow into September too. 

Have a listen to Liz Haywood’s podcast about Zero waste sewing and her experience of the damaging effect textiles production has effected the environment. Have a listen to Kate Ward’s mending podcast or her repurposing podcast for ideas. Katrine of Mending Mayhem talked about how mending is another way to use ‘waste’ fabric. Kate Sekules of Visible mending is a great resource to about repurposing and using ‘waste fabrics and clothes’ to save the planet. Sue Stoney has been a podcast guest a few times, as has Raquel. Jen Hogg, Tricia and Marcia Lois have also been on the podcast for Sewover50.

Susan Young: Sewing for men series


James Nacy

Thursday 29 July 2021: James Nacy from the Sewover50 community is a cellist that uses his cellist skills development for his knitting and sewing and everything else.

James Nacy is on of the many men in the Sewover50 community
The grey shirt James was working on

When James was 7 years old he was taught to sew and knit when he was being looked after by a neighbour. You’ll hear how sewing has played various roles in James’s life from the time he was in middle school onwards.

The jacket made by James featured by Sewover50

James shares his methods of finding fabrics, finding patterns and sewing techniques. There are also the stereotypical responses James has endured as a man buying fabric from a retail store. He now buys his fabrics online as a less negative way to source the fabric he wants to use.

James shares the ways men are not included in the sewing conversations and men do sew and should be included in online discussions.

The Elbe Textiles makes James discussed in this podcast

Elbe Textiles is James’ favourite patterns. There are so many of their patterns that are go-to styles that James makes many versions of. James offers great advice when you want to start sewing mens clothes.

Susan Young starts the mens sewing series

A closer look a Susan’s work

Thursday 22 July 2021: Susan Young the official blog writer for Sewover50, is back to kick off the men who sew series for Sewover50.

Thursday 9 April 2020: Make hashtags work for you

You may have noticed that she recently made her husband some new gear and in this podcast you’ll hear why she’s done just that. Susan recently wrote a comprehensive article for Love Sewing magazine using the mens sewing research she did and examples of her sewing for her lucky husband.

Susan wanted to sew but had no motivation to continue to sew for herself so while in lockdown, she decided to sew a sweatshirt or 2 for her husband. You’ll hear about her experience and what developments she has begun to see in the online sewing world.

Susan with Mr Y in clothes she’s sewn

This podcast is to support Susan’s research and article in Love Sewing magazine in the coming weeks you’ll hear from the men in the Sewover50 community talk about their sewing experiences. They’ll also discuss ways to get the best outcomes when sewing menswear.

A closer look a Susan’s work

The pattern search terms and fabric names Susan mentions are a great start when you’re learning how to sew mens clothes for beginners.

Meet Corrie Lewis-Bishop

Corrie Lewis-Bishop

Thursday 15 July 2021: Corrie has taken the power to present herself through sewing her own clothes. She talks about how this act of making your own clothes is a political stance.

Corrie Lewis-Bishop is a sewover50 follower and an advocate for sewists over 50 and size inclusivity
Corrie is in Cashmerette’s new book – Ahead of the Curve. Photo: Brooke Harwood for Cashmerette.

Corrie uses the same use of resources that she has done all her life as a ceramicist for making her own clothes. You’ll hear how she has taken up sewing later in life and now can’t believe that it took her so long to do this.

These are some of Corrie’s ceramic products

Corrie has been recognised for her sewing stance in the latest book published by Cashmette – Ahead of the curve. This is great recognition for Corrie making her clothes and challening the ongoing revolution in the pattern industry to include larger size ranges and make sewists over 50 visible.

Corrie makes amazing clothes

Corrie finds it’s really powerful to wear clothes that you love, that fit you and make you feel confident in how you present yourself. Sewists have that power in every garment they make.

She talks about the feedback she received when she wrote a guest post for Sewover50 in May this year.

You can have a great time looking at Corrie’s shop of ceramic makes. She lives and breathes years of creativity experience in each piece.

And of course, you can find Corrie on Instagram as Ceramic67

Meet Jeanette Irons

Jeanette Irons from New Zealand

Thursday 1 July 2021: Jeanette Irons of sew.irons, gives us some valuable advice about how to replace your ready to wear clothes with clothes you want to sew.

Jeanette Irons on Sewover50 podcast

Jeanette continues to replace her existing ready to wear clothes with clothes that suit her body and need for comfortable clothes. This Frankie baseball tee has been made 8 times.

Frankie baseball tee

Jeanette knows her perception of what clothes should look like after being inspired by Sewover50 followers. She sees people who ‘look like her’ and that’s what now motivates her to sew clothes.

You can find Jeanette on her blog, on instagram and at Minerva too.

Meet Nancy Chen Bajraktari

Nancy Chen Bajraktari – iusedtobeacurtain

Thursday 24 June 2021: Nancy Chen Bajraktari (iusedtobeacurtain) was featured for her print mixing clothes by Sewover50 and she share her tips for print mixing.

Nancy shares her print mixing tips for Sewover50 podcast

Nancy uses her photographic professional background to post beautiful Instagram images of her sewing.

Make sure you listen to find out how Nancy started her sewing skills through her day job as a prosthetist orthotist.

Print matching can be an instant marriage or the print may fight for prominence. Nancy explains this among her many tips for print matching.

Nancy was pleasantly surprised her pattern mixing entry was featured on Sewover50, as she’s not 50 yet!

Meet Chuleenan

Thursday 17 June 2021: Chuleenan or csews contributes to her local sewing community and to the online sewing community.

Chuleenan for Sewover50

Chuleenan or C Sews is the long time Bay Area Sewists organiser. You can find Bay Area Sewists on

One of her great online sewing contributions is her sewing pattern height chart she has recently updated. Culeenan is 5′ 7″ (170 cm) and in 2017 when she wrote her post about the challenges of sewing patterns that are based on various body heights. That was the same year she created this chart so sewists could quickly see the heights used by various sewing pattern companies.

She’s finished a much more significant update in February of this year. Chuleenan went through the entire chart and updated all the links to the size charts and I added a new column of information – size ranges. Since she created the chart in 2017, many companies have expanded their size ranges so she’s also included that information in the chart. Some companies don’t yet have all of their patterns in expanded sizes so there are a lot of asterisks in the chart with explanations below the chart about what is available in extended sizes.

Chuleenan in her fabric element

As she says about Sewover50, ‘I love seeing what other sewists are making, the sewing challenges like pattern mixing, and to see sewing details, which are so inspiring. Sewover50 shares so much great information. I was really excited that Sewover50 highlighted my sewing pattern height chart.’

Meet Helen Shaw

Thursday 10 June 2021: Helen Shaw’s sewing journey encompasses making a classic white shirt.

Helen recently wrote a guest post for Sewover50 about her shirt making journey.

Helen has continued to make shirts and you’ll be surprised by the type of sewing learning she did before she attempted making her very first classic white shirt.

You can follow Helen’s sewing journey at her Instagram account Sosewshaw. Her joyful sewing journey continues.

Meet Angie Hinksman

Angie Hinksman with her red dress

Thursday 3 June 2021: Angie Hinksman credits staying busy with sewing and gardening projects to keep her sane.

Angie Hinksman has sewn her way through this pandemic and the loss it’s brought to her.

Angie is a new Sewover50 follower and we noticed her because of her amazing duvet bias binding dress.

Angie getting some sun

What you’ll hear is the depth of Angie’s sewing experience but more importantly how she has grieved the loss of her husband and found ways to find her self and as she says ‘stay sane’.

Angie’s next duvet dress project

The topic of her sewing doesn’t diminish what’s happened to her over the last 2 years.

The finished ‘glasshouse’

Angie is part of her local community and has become a great part of the online sewing community.

Meet Helga @salixsews

Helga @salixsews

Thursday 27 May 2021: Helga @salixsews felt the warmth of Sewover50 from the moment she made her Instagram account public. She had kept her Instagram account private until she had had enough of feeling isolated through each covid lockdown she had been experiencing.

Helga chats about how Sewover50 has brought her joy.
Helga’s sewing and fashion skills are definitely on show here

In this podcast, Helga tells us about all the recognition she experienced in the first 10 days of opening her Instagram account.

When we all celebrated the 30,000 follower Sewover50 milestone in April, Helga posted some family photos. She is a genealogist and she chats about how sewing is in her blood.

Her life has included an international fashion retail role that you’ll enjoy hearing about.

A great Summer dress to celebrate the season

She considers Sewover50 to be the Mothership and you’ll need to listen to why she says this.

Meet Amanda Bowden

Amanda Bowden in her Amanda sewn cozzie

Thursday 20 May 2021: Making your own swimwear is so rewarding especially if you’re training to swim the English Channel. Amanda Bowden is going to swim the English Channel in a relay team in August this year for charity. She’s a Sewover50 follower and she chats about her sewing journey and and marathon swimming journey.

You’ll love Amanda’s sewing and marathon swimming stories

Amanda has perfected her marathon swimming cozzie to the point where she is able to make cozzies with a theme for each long distance swim she does.

In August Amanda will swim the English Channel in a relay team. You can support her English Channel swim on Amanda’s The Swimming Seamstress Total Giving page.

The Sewing for Swimming facebook page image

She sews her own swimwear and has perfected her marathon cozzies. She’s known as ‘The Swimming Seamstress’ on Instagram and Facebook page called Sewing for Swimming and she tells us her marathon swimming story and her cozzie sewing knowledge. Amanda shared her sewing and swimming story as a guest writer for Sewover50 on Instagram. Make sure you find Amanda on Instagram .

Meet Des Whitehorn

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is des-1-1.png
Des Whitehorn wearing that ‘dress’

Sewing Save Series: Des is most happiest with a needle in her hands. You’ll hear how her sewing journey began and understand why sewing brings her joy.

Part 1: Des Whitehorn and reusing that dress

Des is able to sew great projects through saving garments and furniture. You’ll find out how Des does this in her contribution to the Sewing Save Series.

This sewing save is Des’s first for the podcast. She’s taken a dress she isn’t happy with and converts it to culottes! You’ll hear her thought process to decide what remake would suit her best.

Here’s a link to Des’s website and her instagram account.

Sewing Save Series 14 August 2020: This week Des talks about her joy in creating a christening dress from a bridal gown. That catch was that the bridal gown was supposed to be kept for future use by the next generations. Hear how she made this work.

Sewing Save Series – Part 2 Des Whitehorn refashioning heirloom project

Des’s refashioning heirloom project. Here’s a link to Des’s website and her instagram account.

Haptic and Hue podcast series 2

Jo Andrews of Haptic and Hue podcast

Thursday 22 April 2021: Jo Andrew’s latest podcast series of Haptic and Hue podcasts – season 2 – focussing on feelings.

Jo Andrew’s is back to discuss Haptic and Hue, Series 2

Meet Tina @bricolagdk

Tina talks about her breast cancer journey and sewing

Thursday 8 April 2021: Tina or Bricolagdk talks about her sewing experience post her breast cancer mastectomy and her choice to have one breast without a prosthesis.

Tina has had great support from the Sewover50 community through their support and friendship

Tina found the Sewover50 community made her feel amongst like minded people through their support for her call out for patterns that were asymmetrical. When Tina asked Judith and Sandy of Sewover50 to put the call out for patterns that would suit her uniboob body, Tina was so thrilled to have people from across the globe helping her find pdf patterns that made Tina feel confident in her body.

#110burda012019 in double layered jersey with foam center

Tina is now part of a facebook group called Sewing Flat and Asymmetrical to share patterns that suit their bodies. This is a group for anyone sewing for a small bust, asymmetry or after surgery (mastectomy or otherwise), offering shared ideas, support and information in a safe space.

Listeners can direct message Tina to find patterns to suit their body needs. There is a German pattern company called Schnittquelle that has great patterns. Their website has both patterns and fabrics. Tina absolutely loves DP Studio patterns. Megan Kelso or Venusmensch is one Instagram person who Tina refers to about adapting an ordinary bar pattern for a chest with one breast. Here is a link to the Megan Kelso venus_mensch tutorial 

Anna Bonny is another Instagram person who has a unilateral pdf bra pattern. Teta & Teta has 2 downloadable unilateral bra patterns on their website. Bra Makers Supply has a tutorial on how to make a breast form. Seamwork has a tutorial on bodice adjustments for a bilateral mastectomy. Sandra Betzina’s book on Fast Fit: Easy Pattern Alterations for Every Figure, has a chapter on adapting patterns for a mastectomy body. Here’s the link to Made It patterns, mentioned by Tina. They’re contributing a robe pattern for a book for people living with cancer and its effects. Les Monocyclettes is the French company with clothes for people with 1 breast.

Here are some blog posts Tina has already written:
A blog post at The Sewcialists website:
A blog post for My Body Model:
This blog post was written by the amazing Susan Young!
A Birthday Blog for @sewover50:

Meet Denise Archer

Denise Archer

Thursday 25 March 2021: Denise Archer talks about her breast cancer experience and how her sewing choices have changed. She shares the details of her breast cancer treatments and post surgeries.

Denise Archer

This podcast is not medical advice. If you want information about breast cancer treatments or post surgery choices contact your oncologist or go to the breast cancer organisations in your country.

Meet Sheila O’Kelly

Thursday 11 March 2021: Sheila O’Kelly tells us about the great fabric places now in Ireland and shares the sewing techniques she has picked recently.

Sheila O’Kelly for Sewover50 – 11 March 2021
Sheila O’Kelly for Sewover50

Here is Sheila’s story.

My mother and grandmother sewed so I always knew about sewing, and I’ve always sewed things like tablecloths and cushion covers. But it was only after my mother died in 2016 that I began to sew clothes. I had attempted it before but got frustrated by my lack of knowledge and inability to fit garments and never made anything I could actually wear. I have more patience now than I did in my youth!

Sewing is my main non-work joy. Although in non-Covid times I am also very involved in amateur drama both on and off the stage; including making costumes. 

When I’m stressed I like to make something simple like the Wiksten Shift Dress; and then other times I like to challenge myself and learn new skills. For example, I recently made the Shoalhaven Shacked by Muna and Broad and that was very satisfying. I had never made a collar with a stand before. 

Sheila has an impressive sewing workroom

I also love knit garments – for comfort and ease.

When did you discover sewover50 and how have you enjoyed being in that community?

I stumbled across sewover50 about 18 months ago; and Sandy also reached out to me. I don’t know how she does it to all of us, but she makes you feel like you are her friend! And I just love seeing gorgeous patterns on people my age – and also via the Curvy Collective, on people of all shapes and sizes.

Thanks for sharing your story on Sewover50 podcast Sheila O’Kelly!

Meet Cennetta Burwell

Thursday 25 February 2021: Cennetta’s Sewover50 podcast is replayed to recognise Black History Month.

Cennetta Burwell BHM sewover50 podcast replay

CeeSews is back!

Thursday 18 February 2021: Ceesews is back for Sewover50 podcast discussing everything she knows about sergers/overlockers. Ceesews wanted to record a second podcast especially as it’s Black History Month in the USA this month.

Ceesews is back sharing her serger knowledge for Sewover50

Make sure you listen to CeeSews closely because there is a lot of information you’ll use on your next projects.

Black History Month podcast replays

Black History Month podcast replays: Sewover50 will be replaying previous podcasts featuring Black sewing community sewists that keep the over50s sewists in our community visible. They give their time to sewists everyday and in so many ways in during Black History Month, we’ll replay these podcasts one more time.

Carol Crocker-Ware BHM sewover50 podcast replay
Carrie Cunningham BHM sewover50 podcast replay
Cennetta Burwell BHM sewover50 podcast replay
CeeSews BHM Sewover50 podcast replay

Carrie Cunningham

Wednesday 17 February 2021: We’re replaying Carrie Cunningham’s June 2020 podcast for Black History Month 2021. This is to celebrate and recognise the black sewists who are part of the Sewover50 community.

Carrie Cunningham
Top nine in 2020 by Carrie
Carrie Cunningham: Replaying her podcast to recognise black sewists for Black History Month 2021.


Beautiful crystal organza jacket made by Elaine

Thursday 4 February 2021: Elaine (or Laineemakes on Instgram) is headlining the Sewover50 podcasts talking about Black History.

Meet Laineemakes, for Sewover50 and Black History Month

You’ll find Elaine’s Minvera makes on their website. When Elaine sews or does anything, she gets into the technical side of it. She has built computers in previous years.

Her latest sheer coat

Elaine’s journey to Sewover50 was through joining Sewcialists in 2018 because she felt Sewcialists was an amazing sewing voice. Being part of Sewover50 is a way of staying connected; having fun; and find this community fulfilling during this time of social isolation.

This was also around the same time Elaine saw the start of Sewover50 and she hopped into the account and has followed it ever since that day in 2018.

Using Slinky Silky charmeuse satin 

As a Minerva Maker, Elaine has made a few great pieces that shine as you can see on this page.

Donna Karan patterns are her favourites and they inspire her.

Donna Karan pattern – Elaine’s fav designer

Elaine and Maria both agreed that we’d like to do something in October to recognise black designers during Black History Month in the UK. Please DM us so we can set up a couple of podcasts for October this year. You can find out more about Black History Month in the UK and Black Poppy Rose.

Meet Gabriele @kissntuss

Gabriele in Berlin

Thursday 28 January 2021: Gabriele (in Berlin or Kissntuss on Instagram) admitted that her Instagram name was a twist of words developed by her wonderful husband.

Kiss n Tuss for Sewover50 Thursday

Her sewing journey all started with Gabriele’s objective to learn how to sew couch cushions. 

Gabriele’s first makes

Why did Gabriele want to make cushions in the first place? That came about when Gabriele and her husband left their apartment in Frankfurt in 2010. Her husband had a big pile of old ties that he wanted to throw away. These were ties he had collected since he had first started working. Some ties were wildly patterned ones and he had some really high-priced designer pieces, too. All the ties were silk ties.

Creativity with Maria Yap

Maria Yap talks about her creative process

Thursday 14 January 2021: Maria Yap is back for Sewover50 to talk about her creative process.

Maria Yap discussed her creative process
Styling and fabric take time to master

Maria is an emotional fabric buyer and as long as the price of the fabric fits her budget, she has fabrics to make into the projects that inspire her. In this podcast Maria talks about how she will either let the fabric dictate the project or else she will change the fabric weight to make it work for her intended project.

Colour in nature inspire her and Nani Iro fabrics are her weakness. When the pattern she decides to make has great design features, she will use solid colour fabrics to make the pattern design shine.

Raquel is back

Thursday 17 December 2020: Raquel is this week’s Sewover50 podcast guest.

Raquel is back for Sewover50 with her refashions

Raquel was podcast #2 in 2019 and in this podcast she updates us on her sewing and how she supports the Sewover50 account on Instagram.

Refashions are her joy and she talks to us about how thrifting in Taipei meets her budget needs.

Raquel initially started participating in MAGAM Sewalong when it was run by Sarah Liz. MAGAM Sewalong is another sewing challenge Raquel continues to support each month because this keeps her sewing creativity alive. Raquel is also enjoying being a Minerva Maker now.

Her love for refashioning is what drives her sewing passion each day.

Creating model looks with her own sewing is her fun and successful challenge

Episode 2 26 August 2019: This was Raquel’s first podcast. 

Raquel’s very first podcast!

Meet Maria Yap

Thursday 10 December 2020: Maria Yap is a doctor by profession and a mom by vocation. You may already know Maria from her Pattern Review library.

Maria Yap in Cynthia Rowley 1366 pattern and  Nano Iro “Chant et Poesie fabric
Finished Seams for Sewover50
Style Arc Sienna jacket

Maria’s sewing blog contains very detailed reviews of patterns and the fabrics she uses. In the dictionary, you’ll see Maria’s photo under the definition of ‘meticulous’. Maria has shared her sewing experience and knowledge with the sewing community for many years now.

Maria’s latest cord pant using Simplicity 8957

Maria’s earliest experience helping her mother keep their treadle sewing machine operational didn’t deter her from deciding to sew.

Simplicity 8705 for Mr Yap

When you look at the garments Maria has sewn, you’ll realise these demonstrate her passion to be creative when she sews. Maria chats to us about her latest garment sewing contest garments and how she used her creativity to use fabrics and patterns she’s been wanting to use for a while.

Sewover50 has given Maria a safe place to act with likeminded people on Instagram.

Meet Julie Yost

Thursday 3 December 2020: Julie Yost or @consistentlydifferentdesigns is today’s Sewover50 guest. You’ll also know Julie for managing #waiwot for Sewover50.

Julie has some serious sewing skills!

Julie is a local at Rochester, MN USA where we are beginning our winter season

Julie Yost for Sewover50

Julie is so fortunate to have learned at the feet of her mother and grandmothers.  One of her earliest sewing memories was when she was about 4 years old and her grandmother was sewing her Aunt’s wedding dress and the bridesmaid dresses – pink satin dresses with red velvet capes for a winter wedding. Her grandmother made a replica bridesmaid dress for Julie’s Barbie doll!! 

Julie’s mom made many of their clothes when she was growing up.  Julie was officially allowed to use the sewing machine when she turned 10 and from then Julie went on to enter garments in the county fair, made her own clothes, made special occasion dresses for her 2 sisters and eventually made her own wedding dress and the 4 bridesmaid dresses. 

Julie can work with any textile to make great clothes

Julie says ‘I can also remember gong to the fabric stores with my mom and running our hands over the bolts and fondling the fabric between our fingers. (At first I wasn’t even sure why we did it!?!) By the time I was starting high school, I thought the people who worked in the fabric stores had the best job EVER!’

Julie’s first ‘adult’ job (after getting married and moving to a new part of the state) was as a sewing machine consultant /salesperson.  Julie had a few life lessons that came from the 5 years she spent there, including using my detective skills (? ha, ha) to recover a stolen sewing machine (a Singer Featherweight model #221) and then working with the police to catch the thief. You’ll hear this story from Julie in her Sewover50 podcast. 

A similar Singer Featherweight model #221

How has Sewover50 made an impact on you: Julie said: ‘I had no idea what Instagram was until my daughter made me “sign up” in April of 2019.  I hadn’t had “sewing friends” in almost 35 years so it was an AMAZING experience to join such a positive, supportive and encouraging community. I was shocked that it existed!! And since I had just retired (from something totally NOT sewing-related), the virtual companionship was exactly what I needed! It gave me so much motivation and inspiration!! But I wouldn’t have even been able to participate if Sandy and Judith hadn’t offered IG tips and instructions! They didn’t just offer sewing support; they were my technical support too!! ‘

Great balance in colour and design

Two most shocking realizations about the Sewover50 community:
1. there are thousands and thousands of sewists from around the world who are willing to offer ideas and encouragement!!  and
2. when I receive replies or specific help from @sewover50 (aka Judith and Sandy), it feels like I am the only person they have to talk to today, yet I am one of their over 24,000 members!?!? How is that possible?!? How can they have the patience and kindness to speak to everyone and make that person feel like they are a close, personal friend?  It’s unbelievable!! I think the reason SewOver50 is so successful is because of their special kindness!

#waiwot: “As a way of giving back to the community, and potentially focusing on progress vs. production / completion, I started the #waiwot hashtag. It’s a way for people to share their creative journey, not just their final destination. It’s good for “slow sewists” who still want to post to IG but may not finish a project for weeks or months. And it’s a great way to share tips (or lessons learned or mistakes) as they’re happening.  I find I learn more from an in-process picture than I do from just looking at the final garment.  Believe me, I STILL want to see the final garment!!!  But I enjoy seeing behind the scenes and joining the maker on their journey. Because I enjoy it, I thought others would too, so I post a Weekly #waiwot Roundup each Friday in my stories where I feature people who have used the hashtag that week.’  

Meet Jen Hogg

Thursday 26 November 2020: There are so many great people in Sewover50 and Jen Hogg is one of this supportive online sewing group.

Jen Hogg or jenerates
Jen Hogg for Sewover50 Thursday 26 November 2020

Jen is from Glasgow and you may also know she was on the Great British Sewing Bee Series 5!

Jen has been contributing to the Sewover50 community with her sewing creations and Hogg Hack guests posts. As Jen says – Sewover50: a force for good.

Jen talked about her experience on the Great British Sewing Bee series and how this experience has increased her sewing confidence and provided her with a group of very talented sewing friends.

Amazing sewing skills by Jen

Thursday 19 November 2020: Cee has always sewn and encouraged people in her community to sew. Cee is a wife, mom and grandmom. She also loves to sew and will tackle any project. She also loves to follow Sewover50. Serger is her true love. Cee teaches sewing and serging.

Meet Ceesews for Sewover50
Ceesews for Sewover50

Cee gives to her local community through leading a Neighbourhood Group in her city for the American Sewing Guild.
Her new adventure is learning to use the fun tools on the internet to continue spreading the love of all things sewing. Sewover50 tutorials are really helping Cee increase her online skills.

Cee’s ASG coat entry

Cee started using her mother’s sewing machine when her parents would go out grocery shopping. She wasn’t supposed to touch her mother’s sewing machine at all.

Meet Cee

As Cee was growing up, she was exposed to 4H and then really developed her sewing skills.

As Cee says, ‘By helping each other, we can build a stronger community’.

Thursday 12 November 2020: Jayne says that being part of Sewover50 is like having ‘fabric penpals’. You’ll know her as Janyeraven There’s a very local story about how Jayne’s IG name came about.

Jayne is passionate about her crafts
Jayne Wright uses her passion for sewing and not creating landfill

Jayne may have only started sewing 2 years ago but you’ll appreciate why she decided to become sewing obsessed. Jayne created her own local sewover20 group with her daughter and their friends.

She will reuse fabrics etc where possible but Jayne will by her fabrics locally and she sources wool from Yorkshire or New Zealand. Make sure you follow The Sewing Resistance, run by Jayne, Vintage Tina and Steinmakes. They’re a global textile project giving a voice to hopes and dreams. Make sure you read about Arpilleras too.

From Jayne: “I am in such incredible company here. I’m honoured and overwhelmed. Thank you for interviewing me and allowing me to chatter. Huge thanks for everyone who has found the time to listen to my ramblings. I sill can’t get over how posh I sound. My family up in Yorkshire will think it’s an imposter. They will be ‘hark at er wi a fancy ways, what hav ya dun wi our Jayne’?

5 November 2020: Saremy Duffy is a lovely sewist that shares her sewing skills via live stream and is a Sewover50 supporter.

Take a peek at Saremy sewing live right now.
Saremy Duffy for Sewover50

Sewsewlive is where you’ll find Saremy.

Saremy talks about how living in a fire prone area affects her sewing choices. She sews regularly even though she wasn’t a fan of sewing at school. Her creativity is amazing and ongoing.

We discuss the November Sewover50 challenge to support small businesses with sponsorship from Linton Tweeds. Use ‘sewover50’ discount code for the month of November to receive at 15% discount on fabric purchases from the Linton Tweeds website.

From Saremy: ‘It was definitely a pleasure talking with you Maria! You’re interested, patient and organised. You make it so easy.’

Jen Legg

Thursday 29 October 2020: You’ll know Jen on Instagram as Jen Legg_TeesCreatives. As with all of our Sewover50 podcast guests, Jen is ‘sew’ active and lives in the North East of England.

Thursday 29 October – Jen Legg_TeesCreative

Jen was a guest editor for Sewover50 and was featured in MySewisfaction in their Meet the maker series. Jen is a 50 something creative girl with a total obsession for florals and jumpsuits.


Jen left school with an ‘O’ Level in Art and gained a place on a full-time hairdressing course. After qualifying she worked in a couple of salons on a rent-a-chair basis building up her clientele until one of the salon owners wasn’t paying the utility bills, electricity board called in to cut the supply off! So, Jen asked to take over the lease, fast forward a few years the property came up for sale and she bought it at the age of 23!

Yes to jumpsuits and florals

From Jen: ‘Maria is amazing. I was a bit nervous at first but it was like chatting to a friend. It didn’t feel like I was being interviewed. Jayne Raven, I agree. I think I sound less Northern all through my podcast all though it crept in by the end. Maria edited it brilliantly too. When I was first asked, I listened to all the previous ones. So insightful. Everyone has their story to tell. Thank you so much for including me!

Thursday 22 October 2020: Cennetta Burwell or the Mahogany Stylist describes herself as ‘Julia Baker meets June Cleaver’. Cennetta gave us her time as a Sewover50 stalwart and it’s a real thrill to meet a sewist that has been blogging and sharing her skills online since 2007.

Cennetta Burwell
Thursday 20 October 2020: Cennetta Burwell

Cennetta started her blog in 2007 after following Pattern Review for nearly five years before joining.  Initially, Cennetta wanted to share reviews and projects like so many others in blogland at the time.  Cennetta is motivated to pay it forward and she’s a great fit for being an active Sewover50 member.  Pattern review had been a great resource and she learned so many techniques, shortcuts, and alternative construction processes from sewists of all levels.

Cennetta has great sewing skills looks amazing in Cashmerette Appleton Dress

From Cennetta: ‘It was great talking to Maria about sewing. She’s a gem for all she is doing to bring awareness in the sewing community. Thank you Maria and Sewover50.’

Thursday 15 October 2020: You’ll find Marianne at her Instagram account of foxglovesandthimbles. In her first podcast Marianne takes a trip down memory lane, looking back at 45 years of sewing.

Marianne Koster in her memade clothes
Thursday 14 October 2020 – Marianne Koster for Sewover50

Her sewing skill interests were started with her mother and sister but Marianne really took to sewing through the mentoring of her future mother-in-law. This was when Marianne really took to sewing.

Marianne Koster is Foxglovesandthimbles

From Marianne: ‘It was an honour to be interviewed by Maria! As a journalist I’ve always been the one asking the questions. Totally a new experience to be on the other side. It was so relaxed, like talking to an old friend, which of course means that Maria is doing an excellent job!

I love hearing everyone’s sewing stories. It’s a pleasure to give Sewover50 a voice through podcasting. There are so many lovely people within @sewover50 who help behind the scenes. Fabulous work to Judith, Sandy and Susan for producing Sewover50 podcasts!

Thursday 1 October 2020: Lisa Smith-Clare is an avid Sewover50 follower and has been a guest editor. You’ll find Lisa on Instagram at Bobo_bun on Instagram.

Lisa Smith-Clare
Thursday 1 October 2020 – Lisa Smith-Clare

You’ll also know that Lisa is a vintage sewing enthusiast that helps people achieve their sewing dreams is what Lisa concentrates on now.

From Lisa: ‘I was thrilled to be asked and the extra of meeting lovely Maria @velosews. I agree with everyone. It was just fun to chat about what we all love and far less cringey listening to it than I thought it would be. Still god the joy of catching up with Jen Legg and Jayne Raven still.’

Di Kendall

Thursday 17 September 2020: Di believes that everyone should feel able to sew regardless of their background, ability and especially income. Di makes 99% of her clothes and quite a few for her husband, son and wider family.

Thursday 17 September 2020: Di Kendall

During the Covid crisis Di made 40 sets of scrubs for her local intensive care unit and then designed a face mask with a ‘see through’ visor to assist with lip reading and enabling people seeing facial expressions. This community need brought together her passion for sewing and understanding the challenges faced by those with additional needs. Di’s smile mask pattern and tutorial are free.

From Di: ‘Maria, it was an absolute pleasure talking with you. Thank you so much for widening the reach of #sewover50 and helping us feel even more engaged. Especially as this year has meant so many face to face opportunities to meet like minded makers have been cancelled.’

Thursday 10 September 2020: Lynda talked to us about fitting for the changing body and the 3 main alterations she’s helped students with in her workshops. Lynda loves to teach people to pattern fit. She refers to a handy Threads article she wrote containing the details for getting a sleeve head to fit you well. This article is in Threads issue 189 in February/March 2017 so if you have a subscription, go grab this article.

Sewover50 Thursday – Lynda Maynard
Fabulous Lynda styling

Thursday 3 September 2020: Sewover50 have brought back the flat lay challenge is returning in September and you’ll have time to practice your skills as it’s a whole month!

3 September 2020: Sandy talks about #so50flatlay2020
So50flatlay2020 with Sandy Bach

Sandy says ‘Flat lays are FUN….you can hide behind the camera 😁, learn new skills, and be creative.’


Thursday 27 August 2020: This week you’ll hear Tomasa talk about her experience as a Sewover50 team member. It’s fascinating and their work is thoughtful in recognising sewists and keeping Sewover50 a safe place to go to.

27 August 2020: The behind the scenes care taken by the Sewover50 team

Thank you Tomasa for being on the podcast. Happy 2nd year anniversary Sewover50!

Thursday 20 August 2020: Tomasa is a guest editor within Sewover50. She lives and breathes fashion.

Sewover50 Thursday 20 August 2020 with Tomasa

In today’s episode, Tomasa talks about her sewing journey. Her sewing resume is extensive. Tomasa has had a few articles published in sewing publications.

From Tomasa: ‘It was so much fun talking to Maria. And I was lucky enough to be interviewed twice. I was nervous at first but Maria’s warmth and kindness was so reassuring. She is such a treasure to the sewing community.

Tricia Morris for Sewover50

13 August 2020 Tricia decided to help British industry by training in Textiles when she initially left school. Today she teaches sewing skills without using pins. You’ll hear why in her podcast.

13 August 2020: Morrissews for Sewover50 Thursday

Tricia is another keen Sewover50 follower who you’ll love to hear from as part of our series to bring the voice of the Sewover50 community to you.

From Tricia: ‘It was a real honour to be interviewed (more like a friendly chat so do agree if you’re asked) and I’ve loved listening to my Instagram friends too!

Thursday 6 August 2020 for Sewover50: This week in Part 2, Karen delves more into finding your signature style. Of course, we did get side tracked and talked about online fabric shopping as well. The two topics go hand in hand.

Thursday 6 August – Karen talks about finding your signature style

Thursday 30 July 2020: Many of you will know Karen as IntoStitches on Instagram through Sewover50. Part 1 of her podcast for Sewover50 Karen talks about her sewing history and how sewing gets her out of her dark times.

Karen Dolen IntoStitches shows her signature style

From Karen: ‘Thank you to Sewover50 and Maria for giving me the opportunity to share my sewing story on the podcast. It’s an honor to be featured with all of these talented makers. Thank you to @velosews for her kindness and all of the time and effort she puts into bringing us all together.

Thursday 30 July 2020 – Part 1 of Karen Dolen or IntoStitches
Carol in her sewing room

Thursday 23 July 2020: Carol is our next Sewover50 stalwart that kindly gave her time for this podcast. Her sewing story is compelling and heartwarming to hear.

Carol hosts a private Facebook Sewing group called Carol’s Sewing Corner and a youtube channel and a blog – G-CAS dot net. Carol is self employed and had a sewing business for 12 years. Carol is also a part of the Black Makers Matter Coalition. You can see her profile post on Instagram and you’ll be able to keep up to date on how she’s contributing right now.

Anncie2001 is Carol’s instagram handle

From Carol: ‘Maria’s podcast was like talking to an old friend!! I enjoyed being featured. I love to listen to the podcast while I cut out projects! It’s great listening and certainly keeps me company in the wee hours of the morning. Keep up the great work Maria. I’m a huge fan!!

Helene, Suzy and Sue are Make a Garment a Month Sewalong

Thursday 16 July 2020: #magamsewalong for June was all about #jugglingjune…whether it’s patterns, prints, styles, projects or even time! Hope you were able to juggle and to join in with Sue Stoney @suestoney , Helene @hportemanteau and Suzy Roberts @sewinginspain in June! You’ll know that their monthly challenges can overflow into the next month or two depending on your precious sewing time.

Listen to the #magamsewalong team – Helene, Suzy and Sue

Thursday 2 July 2020: When lockdown took place in the UK, Susan Young felt like many of us, paralysed by the quick changes we quickly had to make. This was coupled with lots of time on your hands but with restrictions to our previous lifestyle. Have a listen to hear the sewing ideas provided by the Sewover50 community.

Do you batch cut/sew?
Carrie Cunningham

Thursday 25 June 2020: Carrie Cunningham is truly a self taught sewist and she is no stranger to providing online sewing classes. She has taught generations to sew. Through her church work, she has taught her congregation to sew and they sew for Little Dresses for Africa. Carrie’s philanthropic work also extends to managing their weekly local food drive.

Meet Carrie Cunningham

From Carrie: ‘Love the podcast! It’s great to hear about what the community is doing! I had sew much fun during my interview! Velosews (Maria) made it easy to sit back and have fun!

Thursday 18 June 2020: Susan Young continues to discuss her Sewover50 blog post about your fabric purchases. This episode goes into weighing up purchasing long lasting plastic-based fabrics against ‘natural’ fibres. Susan refers to her review of the Fashioned from Nature exhibit that took place at the V&A Museum exhibit a few years ago. We then discuss reduce, reuse, recycle. Make sure you read The Golden Thread-how fabric changed history by Kassia St Clair.

Part 2 with Susan Young

Here’s a sneak peek at Susan’s next Sewover50 podcast discussion about Batch sewing.

Thursday 11 June 2020: Susan Young, the official blog writer for Sewover50 compiled another insightful blog post when these questions were posed to Sewover50 followers…“How do you assess your fabric purchases? Is cheap fabric inferior, or can you sometimes find a genuine bargain? Does expensive always mean quality…and what does that mean? How do you weigh up long lasting plastic-based fabrics against ‘natural’ fibres that may gradually wear out but where ageing can add to the appeal of the fabric?

This week we hear part 1 from Susan about this discussion. Part 2 will go live next Thursday.

Fabric choices part 1

Thursday 4 June 2020: Sue Stoney is definitely a lifelong sewist that has been part of Sewover50 since it started.

Meet Sue Stoney

From Sue: ‘Maria is the best! I think everyone should know that she does this as a public service. She doesn’t receive any remuneration for all this work. Her podcasts are always a highlight for me. Sewover50, Thank you for featuring Maria and thank you for including me!

Thursday 28 May 2020: Cathy Grant, who is Ohsewcathy, is a Canadian Sewover50 stalwart and she’s a style icon and a model for Helen’s Closet.

Meet Cathy!!

From Cathy: ‘I feel honoured to be part of the Sewover50 Thursday feature. As others have said, being interviewed by Maria is more like having a chat with a good friend. I have loved hearing all the voices in our sewing community.’

Thursday 21 May 2020: Today we meet Marcia Lois from Suffolk UK. Do you know the background of why she loves to wear bright colours and pretty prints? Why not listen to Marcia’s podcast and find out. Sewover50 has brought her to a group of like minded sewist that were not available to her locally. She rarely buys new fabrics and she enjoys hand embroidery.

Marcia is a Sewover50 fan
Judith Staley, Sewover50 founder

Thursday 14 May 2020: Judith Staley created Sewover50 after a call out by the Sewcialists. Sewover50 has evolved and Judith walks us through what this community is now all about.

Judith Staley and the evolving Sewover50 community
Judith Staley, Sewover50 founder

Thursday 7 May 2020: Welcome Judith Staley, the founder of Sewover50, as she discusses their most recent challenge – #isolationheadband challenge. This is her very first podcast!

Judith Staley discusses the #isolationheadband challenge.
Headband challenge experts

Headband challenge: Here’s a link to our blog post about the headband challenge, in case you missed it. You’ll see all the participants in the stories of Sewover50 account on Instagram.

Some of the Sewover50 meetup participants
Sewover50 meetup – just one of many pictures on IG

Thursday 30 April 2020: Susan Young is back again this week to talk about the very first Sewover50 meetup idea came up and what went on behind the scenes to make this such a successful event for everyone. You can read about this wonderful day and see the photos of everyone on Susan’s blog as well as on the Sewover50 instagram account.

Sewover50 meetup behind the scenes
Susan Young, Sewover50 blog writer

Thursday 23 April 2020: You’ll hear from the official Sewover50 blog writer, Susan Young.

Thursday 23 April: Meet Susan Young. The official Sewover50 blog writer.

From Susan: ‘I’m always keep to see who Maria’s Sewover50 guest is each week on Sew Organised Style podcast and to hear more from their in their own words. It’s a fascinating cross-section of our sewing community. Thank you for all your hard work @velosews (Maria)‘.

In case you missed their recent #isolationheadband mini challenge, here are some headband links: Meyraki patterns, Nice Dress thanks i made it, patterns for pirates, Loopy mabels closet, Felix Stowe sewing school and megan nielsen patterns just to name a few.

Sandy Bach. Sewover50 co-founder

Thursday 16 April 2020: Sandy deep dives into hashtags.

Thursday 16 April 2020: Part 2 of hashtags
Sandy Bach, Sewover50 co-founder

Thursday 9 April 2020: Sandy discusses the basics of using hashtags on instagram.

Thursday 9 April 2020: Make hashtags work for you
Sandy Bach, Sewover50 co-founder

Thursday 2 April 2020: Sandy introduces us to the world of Sewover50.

Sandy introduces us to the world of Sewover50

From Sandy: ‘I love these podcasts…it’s so interesting to find out more, share sewing stories and listen to all the accents of the world as well. You do a terrific job Maria (@velosews).

Susan Young, Sewover50 blog writer

Susan Young has written quite a few articles for Sewover50 that you’ll love reading:

Celebrating Sewover50 2 years – 18 August 2020
Susan made a Sewover50 video – 16 June 2020 for the first online Sewing Weekender
Do you batch cut/sew? A Sewover50 discussion – 6 June 2020
A Sewover50 discussion about fabric choices – 26 May 2020
The first official Sewover50 meeting up – 25 February 2020
Your Sewover50 go to tee shirt patterns – 7 December 2019
Sewing advice for newbies from the Sewover50 mind hive – 25 November 2019
It’s our birthday! Sewover50 – 18 August 2019
Has anything changed yet and what can we do – 4 June 2019
The first Sewover50 challenge and what’s next – 3 May 2019
Sewover50 #flatlay round up – 4 April 2019
The day Sewover50 gals did some glam modelling – 15 February 2019
Sewover50 challenge update – 2 February 2019
Are you ready for your first sewing challenge – 1 February 2019
Love Sewing Headquarters – November 2019
Does ageism exist in modern dressmaking and why do we need the SewOver50 hashtag? – 23 August 2018
Indie vs big 4 discuss – 4 August 2018

Compliments from Sewover50 followers
Dunne_by_helen: ‘I love my daily dose of Maria’s podcasts but Thursdays are my favourite episodes.’
Sew_Sister: ‘I love your interviews.’


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