NZ Sews

The aim of this podcast is to raise awareness of sewists in New Zealand and Australia. On this page we’ll focus on sewists from New Zealand.

17 May 2022Judy’s Op shopping rules
19 April 2022Judy of Judywillimentross
10 February 2022Jeanette Hayes
19 August 2021PK is NZ film girl
1 July 2021Jeanette of sew.irons

Judy of judywillimentross

Judy Ross in her epic dress

Tuesday 17 May 2022: Judy talks about her Op shopping rules.

Judy shares her thoughtful Op shop purchasing rules
Judy buys men’s dress pants that are on clearance at Op shops.

Tuesday 19 April 2022: Judy @judywillimentross is well known for her epic dress and now her hexi coat.

Judy talks about the epic dress and hexi coat

She discusses her father’s influence to recycle resources and her role at Glowing Sky, as the company also has Judy’s values regarding resources.

Have a listen to the markers Judy sewed in the epic dress, she commenced sewing on the first day of lock down in New Zealand in 2020.

There were quite a few wee highlights Judy talks about in this podcast about the epic dress and her latest hexi coat. One wee highlight was Judy’s epic dress was in the top 9 for SewOver50 in 2021, next to Esme of Great British Sewing Bee. That really is an impressive accomplishment.

Can you see why Julie was a wee bit excited?

Keep an eye out for Judy’s next podcast where she runs through her op shopping rules. You’ll learn how Judy’s garment choices are guided by not adding to landfill but also ensuring clothes that are needed in the community, stay in circulation.

Judy made the front page news with her epic dress

Jeanette Hayes

Jeanette Hayes

Thursday 10 February 2022: Jeanette or netty.hayes.sews on Instagram is a New Zealand sewist and a SewOver50 follower.

Jeanette is and Auckland local in New Zealand
Jeanette is SewOver50 follower on the grid for Friday Pattern Davenport

Jeanette has recently come back to sewing and she’s collaborated Chalk & Notch, Friday Pattern Company, True Bias, Minerva and Fabric Godmother.

True Bias Shelby make

Fabric Godmother said they Jeanette’s profile through #sewover50.

Jeanette wrote a blog for Friday Pattern Company about this square neck hack.

It’s great to see Jeanette on the grid for these sewing companies

PK is New Zealand film girl

PK or NZfilmgirl

Thursday 19 August 2021: PK of NZfilmgirl is today’s Sewover50 podcast guest.

PK is today’s Sewover50 podcast guest

PK begins with the tale of her iron dream come true and then we start chatting about the Croatian shirt.

She has written 2 guest posts for Sewover50 since making the Croatian Shirt

Labels and timestamping your makes is a detail PK is passionate about.

PK adds a time stamp to every garment. This is done in the basic monogramming function of the sewing machine. She uses the same formula for everything: pattern name/# – size – month/year.

She suggests you plan ahead to add time stamps so they are hidden on the inside: back yoke of shirt, inner pocket, coat facing, button placket, even on a French seam. Use a different colour thread so it is visible.

When it comes to labels, PK is a big fan of adding labels and she has her labels that she puts on everything. Then she might add in a side seam, or back neckline, and always on jeans. But…. It is easy to go overboard on labels. Sometimes less is more. Plan ahead where you want them placed as they will be added at different stages of construction.

Monogramming your makes is another aspect of making clothes that PK shares.

She loves adding stylised monogram to shirts, jeans, coats…anything! Sometimes large, sometimes not. It’s fun to add a contrast colour to make the monogram a design feature. No treading lightly!!

In case you were wondering, here’s a photo of her cutting table.

PK’s cutting table

Jeanette Irons

Jeanette Irons from New Zealand

Thursday 1 July 2021: Jeanette Irons of sew.irons, gives us some valuable advice about how to replace your ready to wear clothes with clothes you want to sew.

Jeanette Irons on Sewover50 podcast

Jeanette continues to replace her existing ready to wear clothes with clothes that suit her body and need for comfortable clothes. This Frankie baseball tee has been made 8 times.

Frankie baseball tee

Jeanette knows her perception of what clothes should look like after being inspired by Sewover50 followers. She sees people who ‘look like her’ and that’s what now motivates her to sew clothes.

You can find Jeanette on her blog, on instagram and at Minerva too.

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