Steven @arealheller

Steven has a family history in tailoring

Thursday 5 May 2022: Steven is back for an encore podcast.

Encore Steven podcast
Green pepper jacket

He talks about what motivates his sewing. This includes who his sewing idols are as well.

This is the project Steven is most proud of and will wear when the weather is cool enough

You’ll get an insider look at Steven’s sewing life by listening to this encore podcast.

All the family loves his sewing

He enjoys wearing earthy tones too.

Thursday 24 March 2022: Steven or @arealheller been sewing for 3 years and he found SewOver50 through people he was following on Instagram.

Steven tells us he is in Sewover60 and he should be in Sewover70 as well.

He had always wanted to sew and once Steven retired he discovered tailoring was a skill his grandfathers had. Three of his grandparents were tailors. All four of his grandparents migrated to the States as refugees from Russia and Poland.

Steven decided to make his own indie designed bowling shirts when the store he used to buy them ready made, closed down. His 3 year sewing journey is now an obsession.

  • Wardrobe by me patterns – mens patterns
  • Twig and tale patterns – childrens and mens patterns
  • Green pepper patterns – lined hooded raincoat
  • Thread theory patterns
  • Sew Kwik
  • Burda
  • Sew Easy

New sewists should learn to sew yoke using the burrito technique.

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