Helga and Nicole

Sewing planning together
Helga at BraAugust

Tuesday 22 March 2022: Helga and Nicole chat about bra sewing.

Helga and Nicole discuss bra sewing

This was an unplanned podcast where we were discussing how to get started when you’re thinking about sewing your very own bra.

Tuesday 8 March 2022: Do you want to know what Helga and Nicole are working on next? Have a listen to part 2 of their friends podcast.

The projects Helga and Nicole are working right now
Helga and Nicole with the completed sewing friends trenchcoats

Thursday 3 March 2022: Helga of Salixsews and Nicole of Septemberfaden are sewing friends both online through SewOver50 and locally in Augsburg, Germany.

Sewing friends through SewOver50
Helga and Nicole are sewing friends

Their friendship started on Instagram and through SewOver50. They’ve both felt very welcome by SewOver50. Nicole was a guest editor for SewOver50 and it was Helga who reached out to her and they realised how close they live to each other.

The Mirridresssewalong has helped bring both Nicole and Helga closer to their online sewing friends Julie of Consistentlydifferentdesigns and Gabriele of Kissntuss.


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