Robyn, Norman and a baby sock monkey

Tuesday 1 March 2022: Robyn is fourpatchtextiles on Instagram and she’s many things including a SewOver50 follower and visible mending advocate.

Robyn is fourpatchtextiles on Instagram

Robyn is a retired engineer however she’s as mindful of her resources now as she has ever been. From her first efforts as a young child sewing with scraps and using a stapler to sew seams together, Robyn continues to share her pattern cutting knowledge with her fellow sewists all over the world…on Instagram.

She focusses on slow fashion and good fit. Her mindful use of fabrics means she uses jersey scraps to create her iconic sock monkeys. They tend to run her Instagram account.

By following Tricia of Morrissews and Wendy whendy7, she found people who looked like her in the sewing world when she started to follow the SewOver50 hashtag.

Now SewOver50 and Mending Mayhem are her go-to information sources about Instagram.

You can follow Robyn on her blog and on Instagram.

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