Sewing men and sewing for men


James Nacy

Thursday 29 July 2021: James Nacy from the Sewover50 community is a cellist that uses his cellist skills development for his knitting and sewing and everything else.

James Nacy is on of the many men in the Sewover50 community
The grey shirt James was working on

When James was 7 years old he was taught to sew and knit when he was being looked after by a neighbour. You’ll hear how sewing has played various roles in James’s life from the time he was in middle school onwards.

The jacket made by James featured by Sewover50

James shares his methods of finding fabrics, finding patterns and sewing techniques. There are also the stereotypical responses James has endured as a man buying fabric from a retail store. He now buys his fabrics online as a less negative way to source the fabric he wants to use.

James shares the ways men are not included in the sewing conversations and men do sew and should be included in online discussions.

The Elbe Textiles makes James discussed in this podcast

Elbe Textiles is James’ favourite patterns. There are so many of their patterns that are go-to styles that James makes many versions of. James offers great advice when you want to start sewing mens clothes.

Susan Young: Sewover50 men sewing series

A closer look a Susan’s work

Thursday 22 July 2021: Susan Young, the official blog writer for Sewover50, kicks off the men who sew series for Sewover50.

Marcia is a Sewover50 fan

You may have noticed that she recently made her husband some new gear and in this podcast you’ll hear why she’s done just that. Susan recently wrote a comprehensive article for Love Sewing magazine using the mens sewing research she did and examples of her sewing for her lucky husband.

Susan wanted to sew but had no motivation to continue to sew for herself so while in lockdown, she decided to sew a sweatshirt or 2 for her husband. You’ll hear about her experience and what developments she has begun to see in the online sewing world.

Susan with Mr Y in clothes she’s sewn

This podcast is to support Susan’s research and article in Love Sewing magazine in the coming weeks you’ll hear from the men in the Sewover50 community talk about their sewing experiences. They’ll also discuss ways to get the best outcomes when sewing menswear.

A closer look a Susan’s work

The pattern search terms and fabric names Susan mentions are a great start when you’re learning how to sew mens clothes for beginners.

Pete Trimble

Pete Sews (Pete Trimble)

Monday 15 March 2021: Pete Trimble or Pete Sews will be showcasing ‘sewing down a rabbit hole’ that his followers has been wanting to see for ages. He will demonstrated these skills at the Australian Sewing Guild’s Autumn Sewing Celebration on 27 March 2021.

Listen to Pete Sews for the Autumn Sewing Celebration.

Precision Sewing with Pete Trimble of Pete Sews is participants from around the world saw on 27 March 2021.

The details maketh the shirt. 
Pete has a flair for detail and accuracy when he sews, come along on a little journey where fingers get very close to the iron, pinning is preferred and you’ll realise the true meaning of ‘measure twice, cut once’!

It’s all in the detailing

In his presentation Pete took us through his techniques for adding detail stripes to a cuff, fitting a contrast accent to your yoke seam and everyone’s favourite, felled sleeve seams by sewing down the rabbit hole!

Attention to detail

You’ll find Pete Sews on Instagram and on his website Pete Sews.

Autumn Sewing Celebration virtual event held on 27 March 2021

Meet Christopher

Tuesday 17 November 2020: The Sewcialists have a couple of new volunteer editors. Christopher is one of the new volunteer editor team members. He researches cell biology.


‘Hey y’all! My name’s Chris and I currently live in San Diego, California. 

Chris sews and researches cell biology

I’ve been sewing for about 2 years, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of it! I primarily started with menswear, but now I just make whatever I feel like.

Currently, I’m attempting to work with lace and learning what it means to create for others. So far, sewing has been a great resource for me to take the time and reflect on myself and the world around me. Oftentimes, it brings up more questions than not. What clothes make me the happiest (more masculine, more feminine, a bit of both)? How can I use sewing as medium to express my views as a queer Chicanx person in a world that doesn’t seem to care about the lives of BIPOCs? 

While I can’t say I’ve found the answers for myself just yet, I invite you to join me in cultivating a more inclusive environment! While here at the Sewcialists, I hope to be able to give back to the sewing community that’s helped me continue to grow so much. You can also find me on Instagram @imthatbrujastitch.’

The first sewing podcasts Chris listened to were Love to Sew podcast and Stitch Please by Black Women Stitch. The politics of sewing was what Chris learnt about through Stitch Please.

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