2021 Q1 achievements

Sew Organised Style podcast is the first Australian and New Zealand sewing community podcast. 

Sew Organise Style

January to March 2021 were the biggest months so far.
185,000 unique downloads
32 podcast published

We’ve just passed 500,000 total downloads now.

Black History month was February theme with 6 maker podcasts published for Sewover50

9 podcasts for Sewover50

8 mending podcasts

7 Sewcialists podcasts

6 podcasts were published to promote the Australia Sewing Guild’s first online Autumn Sewing Celebration

5 podcasts were published to support #mendmarch. Kate Sekules, the author of Mend! and #mendmarch champion spoke on 9 March.

Sew Organised Style podcast is one of the top 5% most popular shows out of 2,188,254 podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score (the estimated popularity score). These stats were provided by Listen Notes.

I presented at 2 online conferences about how Sew Organised Style contributes to the sewing community during the pandemic – World Frocktails and at the Autumn Sewing Celebration.


Thank you to my valued Patreon supporters (friends) for being there to support Sew Organised Style each month. I hope you’ll join them to support Sew Organised Style today.

Stay listening
Maria Theoharous, Sydney, Australia

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