Meet Ceesews

Thursday 19 November 2020: Cee has always sewn and encouraged people in her community to sew. Cee is a wife, mom and grandmom. She also loves to sew and will tackle any project. She also loves to follow Sewover50. Serger is her true love. Cee teaches sewing and serging.

Meet Ceesews for Sewover50
Ceesews for Sewover50

Cee gives to her local community through leading a Neighbourhood Group in her city for the American Sewing Guild.
Her new adventure is learning to use the fun tools on the internet to continue spreading the love of all things sewing. Sewover50 tutorials are really helping Cee increase her online skills.

Cee’s ASG coat entry

Cee started using her mother’s sewing machine when her parents would go out grocery shopping. She wasn’t supposed to touch her mother’s sewing machine at all.

Meet Cee

As Cee was growing up, she was exposed to 4H and then really developed her sewing skills.

As Cee says, ‘By helping each other, we can build a stronger community’.

One comment

  1. Nice to meet you! I wasn;t allowed to touch my mother’s sewing machine either. But later I found out it was because my mother broke it and she didn’t want my dad to know!


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