Meet Charlotte

Wednesday 16 November 2020: Many people know Charlotte through the UK sewing events she organises each year. She was originally know as English girl at home.

Charlotte in one of her latest makes.
Charlotte has had a big 2020 year

Charlotte is an editor for Sewcialists in 202 and she continues to contribute to the sewing community through a few more roles.

Now known as Charlotte Emma Patterns

SewBrum is her local sewing meet up that she initiated in her local Birmingham. SewBrum is an annual (free-to-attend) meet-up of people who love to sew in Birmingham, England. As at 2020, it’s in its seventh year!


You can go back and listen to the line up for 2020 Sewing Weekender that Charlotte talked about in her first podcast here.

Moving from English Girl at Home to Charlotte Emma Patterns

Charlotte has been using the username ‘English Girl at Home’ since she launched my blog in 2011. The name was actually a variant of her existing Flickr user account, ‘English Girl Abroad’, which she had chosen because she almost exclusively posted travel photos. At the end of 2020, Charlotte will launch the first of her patterns with more to come in 2021.

Charlotte’s first sewing pattern

Looks like 2021 will be a bigger year for Charlotte!

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