Meet Trish Hargrave

Trish is the owner of Draft T Studio and a Tasmanian local. She offers Australian Sewing Guild (ASG) members a discount on her online sewing classes. This podcast is one of the many ASG Monday podcasts available.

Trish Hargrave – Draft T Studio

Monday 19 October 2020: Louise Sparrow, Chair of the Australian Sewing Guild updates us on 2 industry partner developments – Sure-Fit Designs presentation on 24 October and Trish Hargraves new online video to develop your own trouser block pattern.

Monday 19 October 2020 – Sure-Fit Design and Draft T Studio
Sure-Fit Designs online presentation 24 October

ASG partners with Sure-Fit Designs to bring you this private online event. Join Glenda the Good Stitch in this LIVE broadcast on Saturday 24 October, starting at 12:00 noon QLD time (check your home time zone please!).  Trish Hargrave of Draft T Studio has now developed an online trouser drafting workshop. Trish was on the podcast in July

You really should bookmark the ASG events page to stay up to date with all the new online workshops being announced.

Here is Trish’s story: I have sewn since I was 10 years old, experimenting and teaching myself to sew clothes, not craft or quilting.

Trish Hargrave of Draft T Studio

I owned and operate a fabric shop (Ruche Fabrics) in Launceston for almost 8 years and closed it at the end of 2019 to free myself up from retail and concentrate on being an Ambassador for The Pattern Drafter.  During that time, many of my local customers were ASG members. So essentially my passion for sewing clothes that fit because commercial patterns never have, has led me, through my fabric shop to meet Maria Boncaldo from The Pattern Drafter and totally embrace her drafting ruler because it the best I have ever used.  She has over the years been an ASG Industry Partner and offered a discount to ASG for her face to face workshops.  Now that I teach workshops on her behalf, as my own business, she encouraged me to join ASG and offer the same discount if I wished to, as there is a continued and growing interest from ASG members in The Pattern Drafter ruler.  

Now with COVID, we decided to take it “online” and the discount offered to ASG members is exclusive to them only at the moment.

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