Meet SoZo

Memademay2020 Reboot podcast

Series 3 Episode 5: Zoe talked about patterns that excite her and has a special message for sewists who were thinking about taking part in #memademay2020. This podcast has been rebooted to give Australian Sewing Guild members background to what me mades are all about.

Zoe Edwards, the heart behind MeMadeMay gave us some of her time to chat about why she decided to run #MeMadeMay2020 during this time of staying at home. Zo discussed how the sewing community is facing such a tough time in their own countries but as an online community, we’re more than willing to join in and be a part of #Memademay2020

There are a number of Me made hastags that have evolved from each year’s Memademay and that’s really what our community is about. Creating communities to cater for different groups that you can view and either join or simply observe.

Did you know Zoe has lived in New Zealand? It’s true. She lived in Wellington for 6 months as part of her design degree.

Part 1 focusses on what Me Made May 2020 is all about and how the experience and learnings are the focus and not the photos. You’ll hear what Zoe loves about Me Made May 2020.

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