Meet @morrissews

Tricia Morris for Sewover50

13 August 2020 Tricia decided to help British industry by training in Textiles when she initially left school. Today she teaches sewing skills without using pins. You’ll hear why in her podcast.

13 August 2020: Morrissews for Sewover50 Thursday
You’ll always find Tricia on Instagram when she’s not sewing.

Tricia is another keen Sewover50 follower who you’ll love to hear from as part of our series to bring the voice of the Sewover50 community to you.

Tricia has sewn all her life but she didn’t learn from her mother or from her grandmother. She has however inherited their sewing patterns, notions and bibs and bobs so she has a healthy stash to work from at home.

When you hear Tricia’s sewing industry background, make sure you keep in mind what life was like back then. Just saying…. I think you’ll also be amazed at the speed of the sewing specialists she worked with.

Big shout out to SoZo for facilitating Tricia to be the person she is today.

Here’s a link to Extinction Rebellion as mentioned by Tricia.
Also have a look at Visible Mend and Mending Mayhem.
And a quick mention about the zipper mend posted by Sarah of Pattern Union.


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