Daily series 10-14 August 2020

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10 August 2020: Sarah is the designer behind Pattern Union and she enjoys supporting Australian Sewing Guild members with her patterns. As Sarah says, inclusivity isn’t just about size. Her patterns can be adapted to different body types.

Sarah Pondevie provides support to ASG members

Pattern Union was created by Sarah Pondevie, owner of Workspace Fashion and Design school, teacher and maker of fashion, who has a passion for pattern making. Her years of working in made-to-measure clothing and teaching has given her the breadth of knowledge to create a range of clothing patterns that appreciates the fact that traditional sizing does not reflect standard measurements.

Tuesday 11 August 2020: Anne Blayney is the lead copy-editor behind the Sewcialists team. Make sure you have a read of their latest ‘About us’ post featuring the Copy-editing team.

Tuesday 11 August – Copy editing for the Sewcialists

Yes, Anne or Anniebeeknits, is more of a knitter than a sewist yet she volunteers her time for the Sewcialists.

13 August 2020 Tricia decided to help British industry by training in Textiles when she initially left school. Today she teaches sewing skills without using pins. You’ll hear why in her podcast.

13 August 2020: Morrissews for Sewover50 Thursday

Tricia is another keen Sewover50 follower who you’ll love to hear from as part of our series to bring the voice of the Sewover50 community to you.

Sewing Save Series 14 August 2020: This week Des talks about her joy in creating a christening dress from a bridal gown. That catch was that the bridal gown was supposed to be kept for future use by the next generations. Hear how she made this work.

Sewing Save Series – Des Whitehorn 14 August 2020

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