Daily series 3-7 August 2020

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3 August 2020: Lucy of All Buttons Great and Small is a Sydney button retailer that provides buttons and closure both at the store and online. They’s always provided a mail order service and you can order via their online collection.

All Buttons Great and Small

Tuesday 4 August 2020: On the Sewcialists ‘Who we are’ series, Whitney wrote about her historical sewing journey and the challenges she has faced. Whitney sews historical clothing and she researches the significance of these pieces as well as the techniques and styling used.

Whitneygoose or Whitney Remington for Sewcialists on Tuesday 4 August 2020

Thursday 6 August 2020 for Sewover50: This week in Part 2, Karen delves more into finding your signature style. Of course, we did get side tracked and talked about online fabric shopping as well. The two topics go hand in hand.

Thursday 6 August – Karen talks about finding your signature style

Sewing Save Series Friday 7 August 2020: Des is most happiest with a needle in her hands. You’ll hear how her sewing journey began and understand why sewing brings her joy.

Des Whitehorn and that dress

Des is able to sew great projects through saving garments and furniture. You’ll find out how Des does this in her contribution to the Sewing Save Series.

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