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Sewover50 is a growing online community group. Meet/share like-minded sewing folk aged over 50. Use #SewOver50 to be seen/reposted. Started by Judith Staley @judithrosalind . Aided by Sandy Bach @sunnydayz06  and @susanyoungsewing Susan Young

Sandy Bach, their Australian lead creates their community initiatives and fun projects happening in the Sewover50 community. Susan Young, their official blog writer has featured in a couple of podcasts. Judith Staley, the founder of Sewover50 has now featured in two podcasts. They’re a fabulous team with a following of 20,000 and growing by 1,000 each month.

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Thursday 6 August 2020 for Sewover50: This week in Part 2, Karen delves more into finding your signature style. Of course, we did get side tracked and talked about online fabric shopping as well. The two topics go hand in hand.

Thursday 6 August – Karen talks about finding your signature style

Thursday 30 July 2020: Many of you will know Karen as IntoStitches on Instagram through Sewover50. Part 1 of her podcast for Sewover50 Karen talks about her sewing history and how sewing gets her out of her dark times.

Karen Dolen IntoStitches shows her signature style
Thursday 30 July 2020 – Part 1 of Karen Dolen or IntoStitches
Carol in her sewing room

Thursday 23 July 2020: Carol is our next Sewover50 stalwart that kindly gave her time for this podcast. Her sewing story is compelling and heartwarming to hear.

Carol hosts a private Facebook Sewing group called Carol’s Sewing Corner and a youtube channel and a blog – G-CAS dot net. Carol is self employed and had a sewing business for 12 years. Carol is also a part of the Black Makers Matter Coalition. You can see her profile post on Instagram and you’ll be able to keep up to date on how she’s contributing right now.

Anncie2001 is Carol’s instagram handle
Helene, Suzy and Sue are Make a Garment a Month Sewalong

Thursday 16 July 2020: #magamsewalong for June was all about #jugglingjune…whether it’s patterns, prints, styles, projects or even time! Hope you were able to juggle and to join in with Sue Stoney @suestoney , Helene @hportemanteau and Suzy Roberts @sewinginspain in June! You’ll know that their monthly challenges can overflow into the next month or two depending on your precious sewing time.

Listen to the #magamsewalong team – Helene, Suzy and Sue

Thursday 2 July 2020: When lockdown took place in the UK, Susan Young felt like many of us, paralysed by the quick changes we quickly had to make. This was coupled with lots of time on your hands but with restrictions to our previous lifestyle. Have a listen to hear the sewing ideas provided by the Sewover50 community.

Do you batch cut/sew?
Carrie Cunningham

Thursday 25 June 2020: Carrie Cunningham is truly a self taught sewist and she is no stranger to providing online sewing classes. She has taught generations to sew. Through her church work, she has taught her congregation to sew and they sew for Little Dresses for Africa. Carrie’s philanthropic work also extends to managing their weekly local food drive.

Meet Carrie Cunningham

Thursday 18 June 2020: Susan Young continues to discuss her Sewover50 blog post about your fabric purchases. This episode goes into weighing up purchasing long lasting plastic-based fabrics against ‘natural’ fibres. Susan refers to her review of the Fashioned from Nature exhibit that took place at the V&A Museum exhibit a few years ago. We then discuss reduce, reuse, recycle. Make sure you read The Golden Thread-how fabric changed history by Kassia St Clair.

Part 2 with Susan Young

Here’s a sneak peek at Susan’s next Sewover50 podcast discussion about Batch sewing.

Thursday 11 June 2020: Susan Young, the official blog writer for Sewover50 compiled another insightful blog post when these questions were posed to Sewover50 followers…“How do you assess your fabric purchases? Is cheap fabric inferior, or can you sometimes find a genuine bargain? Does expensive always mean quality…and what does that mean? How do you weigh up long lasting plastic-based fabrics against ‘natural’ fibres that may gradually wear out but where ageing can add to the appeal of the fabric?

This week we hear part 1 from Susan about this discussion. Part 2 will go live next Thursday.

Fabric choices part 1

Thursday 4 June 2020: Sue Stoney is definitely a lifelong sewist that has been part of Sewover50 since it started.

Meet Sue Stoney

Thursday 28 May 2020: Cathy Grant, who is Ohsewcathy, is a Canadian Sewover50 stalwart and she’s a style icon and a model for Helen’s Closet.

Meet Ohsewcathy – Cathy Grant

Thursday 21 May 2020: Today we meet Marcia Lois from Suffolk UK. Do you know the background of why she loves to wear bright colours and pretty prints? Why not listen to Marcia’s podcast and find out. Sewover50 has brought her to a group of like minded sewist that were not available to her locally. She rarely buys new fabrics and she enjoys hand embroidery.

Marcia is a Sewover50 fan
Judith Staley, Sewover50 founder

Thursday 14 May 2020: Judith Staley created Sewover50 after a call out by the Sewcialists. Sewover50 has evolved and Judith walks us through what this community is now all about.

Judith Staley and the evolving Sewover50 community
Judith Staley, Sewover50 founder

Thursday 7 May 2020: Welcome Judith Staley, the founder of Sewover50, as she discusses their most recent challenge – #isolationheadband challenge. This is her very first podcast!

Judith Staley discusses the #isolationheadband challenge.
Headband challenge experts

Headband challenge: Here’s a link to our blog post about the headband challenge, in case you missed it. You’ll see all the participants in the stories of Sewover50 account on Instagram.

Some of the Sewover50 meetup participants
Sewover50 meetup – just one of many pictures on IG

Thursday 30 April 2020: Susan Young is back again this week to talk about the very first Sewover50 meetup idea came up and what went on behind the scenes to make this such a successful event for everyone. You can read about this wonderful day and see the photos of everyone on Susan’s blog as well as on the Sewover50 instagram account.

Sewover50 meetup behind the scenes
Susan Young, Sewover50 blog writer

Thursday 23 April 2020: You’ll hear from the official Sewover50 blog writer, Susan Young.

Thursday 23 April: Meet Susan Young. The official Sewover50 blog writer.

In case you missed their recent #isolationheadband mini challenge, here are some headband links: Meyraki patterns, Nice Dress thanks i made it, patterns for pirates, Loopy mabels closet, Felix Stowe sewing school and megan nielsen patterns just to name a few.

Sandy Bach. Sewover50 co-founder

Thursday 16 April 2020: Sandy deep dives into hashtags.

Thursday 16 April 2020: Part 2 of hashtags
Sandy Bach, Sewover50 co-founder

Thursday 9 April 2020: Sandy discusses the basics of using hashtags on instagram.

Thursday 9 April 2020: Make hashtags work for you
Sandy Bach, Sewover50 co-founder

Thursday 2 April 2020: Sandy introduces us to the world of Sewover50.

Thursday 2 April 2020: About Sewover50 by Sandy Bach
Susan Young, Sewover50 blog writer

Susan Young has written quite a few articles for Sewover50 that you’ll love reading:

Do you batch cut/sew? A Sewover50 discussion – 6 June 2020
A Sewover50 discussion about fabric choices – 26 May 2020
The first official Sewover50 meeting up – 25 February 2020
Your Sewover50 go to tee shirt patterns – 7 December 2019
Sewing advice for newbies from the Sewover50 mind hive – 25 November 2019
It’s our birthday! Sewover50 – 18 August 2019
Has anything changed yet and what can we do – 4 June 2019
The first Sewover50 challenge and what’s next – 3 May 2019
Sewover50 #flatlay round up – 4 April 2009
The day Sewover50 gals did some glam modelling – 15 February 2019
Sewover50 challenge update – 2 February 2019
Are you ready for your first sewing challenge – 1 February 2019
Does ageism exist in modern dressmaking and why do we need the SewOver50 hashtag? – 23 August 2018
Indie vs big 4 discuss – 4 August 2018

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