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Louise SparrowASG launched their pleated skirt sewalong to give Specialty Pleaters a boost. If you want fabric to be pleated for you, it’s wonderful to be able to find a business that can pleat fabric for you. Specialty Pleaters was established in 1925 and they’re located in Melbourne. Tatyana Anderson is managing this sewalong over the next 8 weeks. Make sure you register today.7/2020
Courtney and Mel of Camp Stitch SydneyIn Sydney we have a local group of volunteers who are running a local sewing camp. It’s Camp Stitch Sydney. Listen to hear about their next Camp Stitch Sydney weekend and get your ticket on Monday 6 July. This year it’s on Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd November 2020. These are the workshops on offer.7/2020
Susan YoungWhen lockdown took place in the UK, Susan Young felt like many of us, paralysed by the quick changes we quickly had to make. This was coupled with lots of time on your hands but with restrictions to our previous lifestyle. Have a listen to hear the sewing ideas provided by the Sewover50 community.7/2020
Vicki Martin or
Ms Vicki
Those Darn Sew and Sews facebook group is run by Vicki Martin or Ms Vicki. She’s a Queensland local who single handedly manages an enthusiastic sewing group who sew fabulous clothes and share their knowledge. It’s a world-wide facebook group and that is there for everyone from beginners to advanced.7/2020
Chloe ReadChloe announces the next theme month coming up in August. You’ll love the exclusiveness of this next theme month. She also discusses how supportive the Sewcialists team is behind the scenes. Read about the copy editing team. Thanks to all the contributors that put their hand us for the Vintage blog posts. Have a read about how sewing and religion intersect.6/2020
Raewyn and LindaNSW Industry Day committee members talk about how they’ve taken a tried and true concept and added workshops to the Industry Day format6/2020
Juliet WalshThread talk series #3: Juliet Walsh is back with more sewing thread info. She also has tips for buying good quality threads. Juliet encourages us to experiment with our sewing threads so we get the best result for our projects. Did you know Gutermann have been producing sewing threads from PET bottles. They’ve been doing this for 10 years.6/2020
Carrie CunninghamSewover50 Daily series: Carrie Cunningham began sewing garments when she was 11 years old. She was self- taught until she started High School. She is the owner of Endless Dzns by Carrie, which is a custom garment, alterations, and accessory business that she began in 2007.6/2020
Chloe ReadChloe Read, the Australian Editor of Sewcialists, talks to Maria about the online sewing community strategies they provided to help others restart their sewjo, from one of last week’s blog posts. This week there’s a call for contributors on the Sewcialists website for sewist who have a ‘vintage collection’. You’ll also find about about the value added by their volunteer copy writing team.6/2020
Louise SparrowLouise, Chair of the Australian Sewing Guild talks about the role online sewing challenges play in keeping their guild members connected and sewing regularly. She also announces that all ASG podcasts will have transcripts available for our listeners6/2020
Juliet WalshThread Talk series #2: Juliet chats about the technology behind Gutermann sewing threads including cotton threads, quilting threads, sew-all threads, silk threads, elastic threads, metallic threads and the list goes on.6/2020
Susan YoungSusan, the official blog writer for Sewover50, continues to discuss the insightful article from the Sewover50 community about what influences their fabric purchase choices. Natural vs manmade fabric purchases is topical.6/2020
Jacinta GreenYou will know Jacinta (pinkmimosabyjacinta) as the driving force behind ‘Spending your money where it counts‘ blog post on Sewcialists published on 6 June.6/2020
Chloe ReadChloe Australian Editor for Sewcialists, discusses the success of the Sewing Weekender. She also also updates us on the way Sewcialists is growing their sewing community engagement to continue to be inclusive6/2020
Louise SparrowLouise, Chair of the Australian Sewing Guild discusses how successful their online sewing workshops have been for their members6/2020
Juliet WalshThread Talk series #1: Juliet is an Australian sewing thread distributor and loves sewing threads. This podcast is about her background.6/2020
Susan YoungSusan is the official blog writer for Sewover50. She’s compiled an insightful article from the Sewover50 community about what influences their fabric purchase choices6/2020
Charlotte PowellCharlotte @englishgirlathome chats to Maria about the online Sewing Weekender. Charlotte, Kate and Rachel have turned their local event into an online bonanza6/2020
Chloe ReadChloe Australian Editor for Sewcialists, discusses Gillian’s 3 year celebration of the relaunch of the Sewcialists6/2020
Sue StoneySue lives in Perth and has sewn since she was 6. Her sewing friendships are global and she shares her refashion/reuse ethos6/2020
Mel Rose Couture
Part 1, Part 2
Mel is an Australian bespoke bridal sewists that loves couture sewing and partners with her clients 6/2020
Chloe ReadChloe Australian Editor for Sewcialists, discusses Charlotte about the online the Sewing Weekender. Make sure you take the TNT poll, written by Chloe Read. Say hello to the Fat Sewing Club, from Fatbobbingirl.6/2020
Rebecca RitchieRebecca is the Head of Wardrobe at Opera Australia. This recording was done as an audience member at the NSW Industry Day of Australian Sewing Guild5/2020
Cathy GrantYou’ll know her as Ohsewcathy on Instagram. She lives in Canada and is a Sewover50 stalwart5/2020
Tatyana AndersonTatyana has moved her School of Couture online and she’s also become a shout out sponsor of Sew Organised Style podcast5/2020
Chloe ReadChloe, Australian Editor of the Sewcialists, updates us on this week’s blog posts and we have a robust discussion on using the term ‘flattering’5/2020
Louise SparrowLouise, Chair of ASG, discusses the up coming sewing machine workshop being run for the Australian Sewing Guild5/2020
Kay LenehanKay is a lover of couture sewing and she lives in rural Australia. She has some great tips for buying fabric online.5/2020
Marcia LoisMarcia Lois from Suffolk UK, is a Sewover50 stalwart. You’ll hear how she is a lover of old fabrics and her collection sounds amazing.5/2020
Chloe ReadChloe of the Sewcialist, gives us a look ahead at the blog posts this week.5/2020
Chloe ReadChloe Australian Editor of the Sewcialists, talks about the sewing community discussion from last week’s instagram questions 5/2020
Louise SparrowLouise, Chair of ASG talks about the online sewing workshops they are trialling on Zoom to make ASG more accessible to members5/2020
Maria Theoharous
Amy Tuite
Maria and Amy are back to fire up your sewjo. Amy’s got some great projects on the go!5/2020
Judith StaleyJudith Staley created Sewover50 after a call out by the Sewcialists. Sewover50 has evolved and Judith walks us through what this community is now all about.5/2020
Chloe ReadChloe Australian Editor of the Sewcialists discussed the blog post about what it would be like to be a female apprentice at a Saville Row tailor; reloaded their #menswearforeveryone theme month and the questions for the week’s IG account5/2020
Evelyn WoodEvelyn Wood, ASG Industry Partner and founder of the Vintage School of Fashion and the Vintage Sewing School discusses her depth of vintage sewing research5/2020
Judith StaleyWelcome Judith Staley, the founder of Sewover50, as she discusses their most recent challenge – #isolationheadband challenge. This is her very first podcast!5/2020
Zoe Edwards pt1
Zoe Edwards pt2
Zoe or So’Zo, updated us about #memademay20205/2020
Chloe ReadChloe Australian Editor of Sewcialists, discusses the post about sewing for Carnival with an interesting side note about Shadow banning on Instagram. There’s an updated blog post about their previous sew over and under theme month. Have a read of Chloe’s blog post on sew stripes as the most versatile print.5/2020
Louise SparrowLouise, Chair of ASG, launches the Refashion Vintage challenge partnerthip with Evelyn Wood, ASG Industry Partner and founder of the Vintage School of Fashion and the Vintage Sewing School5/2020
CanyousewthisformeEmily, AJ and Sara are the amazing trio that are Canyousewthisforme on Instagram5/2020
Ryliss BodRyliss discusses her sewing school and sewing journey4/2020
Susan YoungThis year, the first Sewover50 meet up was held in London and Susan Young talks about how this was a real mark in time for Sewover50.4/2020
Chloe ReadChloe Australian Editor of Sewcialists discussed how the previous theme months will be a feature in May; Eleonora’s article about her #stayhome and sewing in Italy; two views about sewing for protection to read by Joanne and Jami.4/2020
Louise SparrowLouise is the ASG Chair. ASG has developed sewing challenges to give Guild members a way of staying connected while we’re in social isolation4/2020
Susan YoungSusan Young is a talented sewists and the official blog writer of Sewover504/2020
Sandy BachSandy of Sewover50 is back to discuss some of the pitfalls behind Instagram 4/2020
Maria Theoharous
Amy Tuite
Amy and Maria are back discussing their sewing projects and what’s happening in the sewing community4/2020
Chloe ReadChloe Australian Editor of Sewcialists discussed blog posts about the launch of Muna and Broad patterns; the discussion on sewing secrets; Gillian’s post about sewing for changing size and how studying sewing changes your sewing techniques 4/2020
Margo and Clare FirthMargo and Clare Firth, this mother daughter duo, discuss their love of couture sewing and the aim of reusing fabrics4/2020
Sandy BachSandy of Sewover50, discusses hashtags and how to use them on Instagram4/2020
Shannon PearsonAmy Tuite chats to her fellow Brisbane Spoolette and their joy of sewing4/2020
Chloe ReadSewcialists is run by dedicated volunteers to encourage discussions about diversity, and feature posts by our community. Chloe Read is the Australian Editor of the Sewcialists.4/2020
Maria Theoharous
Amy Tuite
Friday Daily series sewjo rev up with Maria and Amy4/2020
Sandy BachSandy of Sewover50 introduces us to the sewing community that makes up the global world of Sewover50 sewists4/2020
Maria Theoharous
Amy Tuite
Maria and Amy discuss what’s happening in the online sewing community4/2020
Chloe ReadChloe Read, the Australian Editor of the Sewcialists chats about the aims of Sewcialists and their dedicated team of sewing community voluteers3/2020
Kylie and the MachineKylie of Kylie and the Machine talks to Maria in Kylie’s first podcast3/2020
Maria Theoharous
Amy Tuite
SOS Daily Series starts with Maria and Amy to motivate our listening during Covid lockdown across the globe3/2020
Julie BrandPerfect again is where you go to find a light bra form that suits your personal needs after a mastectomy.3/2020
Maria TheoharousSewing community help3/2020
Stitchless TVTree has demystified designer fashion on her Youtube channel for so many years that she’s lost track of how many videos she’s made.3/2020
Maz LifestyleMarion lives in rural Australia and she shares her story and how the outback community deals with isolation and their mental health issues.2/2020
Amy TuiteAmy introduces us to the Brisbane Spoolettes at their pre-Christmas drinks. This recording was done at the venues they visited that night.2/2020
Myra Rentmeester
These two friends run #bhmpatterndesigners and we support their work2/2020
Lara ThornberryLara loves all sorts of sewing and is another Melbourne sewing and sewing community icon1/2020
Vero PinsonVero creates bag patterns Sacotin, from her home in France. Maria has been proof reading the pattern English translations.1/2020
Kenneth D KingPart 2 more about his life’s work and Barbie couture sewing12/2019
Kenneth D KingPart 1 is about his design/ sewing journey and his podcast12/2019
Susan KhaljeSusan Khalje is ‘the’ couture sewing tutor.12/2019
Julia BobbinJulia Bobbin was featured in the December 2019 issue of Sewn Magazine. Julia is a Melbourne sewing and sewing community icon.12/2019
Amy Tuite
Amy Tuite, our Brisbane Correspondent interviews Alimay of the Brisbane Spoolettes at a Sunday sewing session.11/2019
Jenny Kee
Linda Jackson
This is an audience recording of a discussion with Jenny Kee and Linda Jackson published with Powerhouse Museum permission11/2019
Erica BunkerErica Bunker is a great advocate for sewing your own style11/2019
Erica Bunker
Eryn Shields
Erica Bunker and Eryn Shields launch the Erica dress pattern10/2019
Meridy Dunn
Meridy Dunn discusses how Adelaide sewists found their tribe and became a close sewing community10/2019
Anne and LouiseSelective Fine Fabrics Brisbane retailer10/2019
Elizabeth FarrJumbo mega online fabric shopping guide09/2019
Tatyana AndersonMelbourne’s couture sewing expert and her silk lingerie bespoke pieces09/2019
Raquel Sewing knitting in asiaRaquel lives in Taipei, Taiwan and she’s a prolific refashionist08/2019
Jimmy of Jimmy Buttons MelbourneMelbourne’s iconic sewing notion retailer08/2019

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