Daily series 29 June – 3 July 2020

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Series 2, Episode 25: In Sydney we have a local group of volunteers who are running a local sewing camp. It’s Camp Stitch Sydney. Listen to hear about their next Camp Stitch Sydney weekend and get your ticket on Monday 6 July. This year it’s on Friday 20th – Sunday 22nd November 2020. These are the workshops on offer.

Courtney and Mel are 2 of the 6 volunteers that created Camp Stitch Sydney weekend.

Thursday 2 July 2020: When lockdown took place in the UK, Susan Young felt like many of us, paralysed by the quick changes we quickly had to make. This was coupled with lots of time on your hands but with restrictions to our previous lifestyle. Have a listen to hear the sewing ideas provided by the Sewover50 community.

Thursday 2 July 2020: Do you batch cut/sew?

Series 2, Episode 24: Those Darn Sew and Sews facebook group is run by Vicki Martin or Ms Vicki. She’s a Queensland local who single handedly manages an enthusiastic sewing group who sew fabulous clothes and share their knowledge. It’s a world-wide facebook group and that is there for everyone from beginners to advanced.

Meet Ms Vicki of Those Darn Sew and Sews

Tuesday 30 June 2020: Chloe announces the next theme month coming up in August. You’ll love the exclusiveness of this next theme month. She also discusses how supportive the Sewcialists team is behind the scenes. Read about the copy editing team. Thanks to all the contributors that put their hand us for the Vintage blog posts. Have a read about how sewing and religion intersect.

Tuesday June 2020: You’ll hear about the next theme month

Monday 29 June 2020: You’ll hear from Raewyn and Linda, two members of the Australian Sewing Guild NSW Industry Day committee. They put on a great event in March and you can here how this committee came together and how they’ve enjoyed their journey.

Monday 29 June 2020: Meet the team behind NSW Industry Day

Make sure you go to the audience recorded podcast of the keynote speaker, Rebecca Ritchie, Wardrobe Head at Opera Australia.

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