Daily series 11 – 15 May 2020

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Friday 15 May 2020: What have you got on your sewing table this weekend? Amy Tuite catches up with Maria Theoharous to get you inspired to sew again. Stay in touch with us every day to keep your sewjo alive.

Friday 15 May 2020: Catch up with Amy Tuite and Maria Theoharous

Thursday 14 May 2020: Judith Staley created Sewover50 after a call out by the Sewcialists. Sewover50 has evolved and Judith walks us through what this community is now all about.

Thursday 14 May 2020: Another fun podcast with Judith Staley

Tuesday 12 May 2020: On Sewcialists Tuesday Chloe Read updates us on their latest blog posts. Have you wondered what it would be like to be a female apprentice at a Saville Row tailor? They’ve reloaded their #menswearforeveryone theme month. This week Chloe is running their instagram account so you should follow #sewcialistsquestionsoftheday and give her your views. There’s a new question everyday this week.

Tuesday 12 May 2020: Chloe Read is running their Instagram account this week.

Monday 11 May 2020: Listen to Evelyn Wood, the founder of the Vintage School of Fashion and the Vintage Sewing School. Today you can hear her excitement about her partnership with the Australian Sewing Guild. They’re partnered and created the Vintage Re-fashion Workshop. Registrations open on 15 May and close on 1 July 2020! Why not join. It’s free for ASG members.

Monday 11 May 2020: Meet Evelyn Wood

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