Daily series 4 – 8 May 2020

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Friday 8 May 2020: Series 2, Episode 15 or part 2 of #Memademay2020 with Zoe Edwards. In this part of #Memademay2020 we discuss the patterns that we’re excited about and what fabric means to us.

#memademay2020 part 2

Thursday 7 May 2020: Welcome Judith Staley, the founder of Sewover50, as she discusses their most recent challenge – #isolationheadband challenge. This is her very first podcast!

Judith Staley discusses their #isolationheadband challenge

Wednesday 6 May 2020: Series 2, Episode 14: Zoe Edwards, the heart behind MeMadeMay gave us some of her time to chat about why she decided to run #MeMadeMay2020 during this time of staying at home. We had a frank discussion about how the sewing community is facing such a tough time in their own countries but as an online community, we’re more than willing to join in and be a part of #Memademay2020 You’ll hear the second part of this podcast on Friday.

#memademay2020 Zoe Edwards

Tuesday 5 May 2020: This week Chloe Read updates us about their blog posts about previous theme months and a very interesting post about sewing for Carnival with an interesting side note about Shadow banning on instagram. There’s an updated blog post about their previous sew over and under theme month. Have a read of Chloe’s blog post on sew stripes as the most versatile print.

Tuesday 5 May 2020

Monday 4 May 2020: Transform a large shirt into a delightful camisole. This online workshop is brought to you courtesy of Evelyn Wood, ASG Industry Partner and founder of the Vintage School of Fashion and the Vintage Sewing School. – Vintage Re-fashion Workshop. Registrations open on 15 May and close on 31 July 2020! Why not join. It’s free for ASG members..

Monday 4 May 2020: Vintage Re-fashion workshop

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