Tommy Transit

Tommy Transit interviewed by Anne Whalley

Series 2 Episode 11: Who would have thought that a bus driver could become a motivational speaker and champion crafts like knitting? We as people who love their craft, we know this is makes perfect sense especially as having a craft provides you with mindfulness that is so important when your environment keeps changing.

Tommy Transit is a bus driver on a mission. You’ll hear how Anne Whalley, the Pattern Whisperer, has ‘kittens’ as she spends a day with Tommy and Michelle in BC Canada.

So many people come to know meet and know Tom from his popular summer gig driving the Hummingbird Pub Bus on Galiano Island, BC.


  1. Hi Tom, This was such a thought provoking interview and brought many incidents back to mind. I have been away from transit for 8 years and I always enjoyed riding on your bus. To try and emulate someone can be difficult mainly if you are shy. I was like you: enjoying my job, meeting people, telling funny stories and having the interaction with others. It built my sense of self-worth and by doing that I could help build confidence in others. Certainly now as young people are glued to their cel phones or iPads communication breaks down in many ways as we can not see reactions on faces or tone in speech which is part of communication. It is nice to know that you have carried your attitude beyond buses and helping others realize that being kind, considerate, and acknowledging others helps them and gives us a sense of well-being. Continue the good work and enthusiastic attitude. All the best, Tracy


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