Daily podcasts 6 to 9 April 2020

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Thursday 9 April: Making hashtags work for you by Sandy of Sewover50

Thursday 9 April 2020: Make hashtags work for you part 1 by Sandy of Sewover50. Sandy Bach of @sewover50 talks about hashtags. This is part 1 and you’ll hear part 2 on next Thursday’s Daily podcast. Sandy really knows her way around hashtags.

Wednesday 8 April 2020: Meet Shannon Pearson

Wednesday 8 April 2020: There are quite a few Brisbane Spoolettes and each one has their individual take on sewing. Shannon Pearson is one of them in conversation with Amy they get around to rating sewing reality shows. Have a great Wednesday.

Tuesday 7 April 2020: Time to catch up on what’s happening with the Sewcialists editor Chloe Read.

Tuesday 7 April 2020: It’s Tuesday and the Sewcialists aim to get your sewjo prepped for the day. Chloe Reid, their Aussie representative gives us an insider view on how this sewing group operates. The nuts and bolts behind their ongoing work is due to their dedication to the sewing community.


Monday 6 April 2020: sneak peek with Anne Whalley and Ryliss Bod

Monday 6 April 2020: Today is Day 6 of #SewApril2020 and we’re kick starting this short week with a part of Anne Whalley’s interview with Sewing and Design School owner, Ryliss Bod. Anne Whalley, the Pattern Whisperer was in the US in March and presenting workshops at Sew Expo. Anne shared an an exhibitor booth with Sewing and Design School owner, Ryliss Bod for 4 days and you can hear their joy in this snippet of their full podcast.

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